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Navigation Stack with some unique features

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Animated Responsive Menu. Made for FreeStack, Foundation, blank themes & themes that allows you to turn the themes menu off. This is quite a unique menu with an option to go both horizontal, vertical or switch from horizontal to vertical on smaller screens.

The Navi Stack works best on websites with a menu structure not too complicated if you want to use it as your main navigation system – but that's probably how 85% of all websites today are designed. Works great for websites with 1 - 10 menu items incl. sub menus.

You can – of course – use it as a guide to your website – kind of a cool looking SiteMap.

The Navi Stack allows you to turn off sub-menu (1 or 2+).

Special features: Use RapidWeavers internal toolbar system + one user defined navigation item. You can use the Navi Menu as a Site Map page to show the logic of your website.

I wanted to challenge the phrase: What is Out of Sight is Out of Mind… meaning – hidden sub menus will (and that's a fact) get fewer clicks… so the NAVI Stack doesn't hide any items but shows them in kind of a diagram layout.

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NAVI Stack Info

  • Version 3.1.0

  • Released Aug 16th, 2016

  • DeFliGra
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