Effortlessly embed one or more RSS news feeds in your website.

Will Woodgate
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Newsroom is possibly the most comprehensive RSS stack available to date for RapidWeaver.

Newsroom makes quick work of getting one or more RSS feeds embedded within your RapidWeaver website. Plus this stack has loads of options to give precise control over the layout and style of your RSS feeds. Lists, newspaper columns, blocks, scroll boxes and table layouts are all feasible for presenting your news feeds within.

Newsroom is totally self-contained and has no dodgy reliances on third-party APIs and news services; at the risk of being pulled out from under you without warning! Simply provide the title and link to your RSS feed, and Newsroom will do all the fetching and parsing for you.

Publish Newsroom to almost any web server running a standard install of PHP 7 or greater and cURL, and it should work perfectly with most feeds. Use it for your own RSS feeds or ask to borrow RSS feeds from someone else. Newsroom can even use an RSS feed generated by the Poster stack.

Create small 'widgetised' feeds for a theme sidebar or footer. Alternatively use the stack to replicate a simple blog. Use multiple Newsroom stacks for the curation of a more powerful news website that updates 24/7.

Newsroom can be placed in the normal page flow or a theme ExtraContent container. Images and video clips are supported within feeds. Our clever CSS flexbox method of structuring each news item gives you control to change the order of elements and safely omit anything you don't want shown or your feed does not support. Lots more is feasible with custom CSS code too.

There is a free demo version of Newsroom, so you can download and fully experiment with the stack before committing to a purchase. The Feed Source setting is a drop-down select menu with a dozen RSS feeds you can instantly experiment with. Take time to explore the numerous feed styles available and various styling options. Have a practice at adding your own RSS feed too.

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  • Version 1.1.0

  • Released Jul 10th, 2019

  • Will Woodgate
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