Attach notes, comments and simple to-do lists formatted in Markdown, which are only available to view within RapidWeaver / Stacks edit mode

Will Woodgate
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Notes does exactly as the name suggests, in allowing you to attach simple notes to webpages. These notes are only ever available to view in edit mode. None of the code or content is ever exported or published.

Perfect for creating simple reminders to yourself, quick to-do lists for finishing a webpage or instructions for work colleagues to follow. Unlike some other note stacks, our Notes stack is a free download and works with all themes and frameworks.

The content you type in each note is plain text. However you can use Markdown formatting if you prefer (like headings, font formatting or lists).

Notes are styled as 'post-it' stickies (handwritten text on a yellow background). Using a checkbox setting in the stack, it is possible to change the CSS for the note. If you know the basics of CSS, then you can easily change their fonts, style or colouring to suit your requirements.

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