Think of a very different, striking but also minimalistic design. Then the Outline theme maybe something for you.

Will Woodgate
2 reviews

And now for a completely different theme!

If you would like a theme with the the header and the menu at the top and the content and footer below it, choose one of the hundreds of beautiful RapidWeaver themes available.

Think of a very different, striking but also minimalistic design. Then the Outline theme maybe something for you. Very different from any ordinary theme, really an eye-catcher. Built-in is an option for a background slideshow, with or without thumbnails, and thus Outline is very suitable for photographers to show their portfolio. By pressing the tab on the left side, the content shows up. So can you give some info about the background pictures, but it is easy to click it away so your photos are shown again. There's an option to show the content immediate after opening a page. But even without background pictures this theme is very clean. But again, only if you want a website different from others ...

The Outline theme has innumerable options, too many to mention. Just download the free trial version and play with it, practice with all options. It may be that some stacks or plugins do not work with this theme. Most do fortunately, as you can see in the preview site. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Outline is responsive, has 'font-awesome' icons built-in, and much more...

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Outline Info

  • Version 2.1.0

  • Released May 24th, 2018

  • Will Woodgate
  • Outline Support
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Outline Reviews

Avantgarde when it was released, and still classy :)


4 years ago

When you're tired of mainstream, this theme is definitely worth a look.

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This is a nice, crisp and classy theme.

Ted Koskie

6 years ago

Henk has created a theme that is not only easy to personalize, but he is extremely helpful and prompt with all requests for information and assistance with tweaking. This theme not only looks good on a desktop, but it also is properly responsive. It looks as it ought to on a smartphone and tablet. I am delighted with the theme and can heartily recommend it and anything Henk has created.

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