Helps sort files into a neat table, displaying essential details about the files. Easy buttons for end users to preview or download files.

Will Woodgate
2 reviews

The Paperless stack is a complete solution for both organising and distributing digital downloads.

This stack can display one or more items for download (within a table interface), together with details like the file icon, title, file size, file type, permissions and upload dates.

Google Analytics is supported, so you can keep an accurate measure of how often items are downloaded from your website.

Optional table column sorting, live filtering and pagination is supported too.

A perfect stack for creating a digital archive of file downloads.

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Paperless Reviews

Just what you need to give her acces to documents

Rene de Baaij

1 year ago

This stack gives me the opportunity to just dump file in a directory, and the paperless stack will do the rest. Great stack. Like all stacks of Will Woodgate. My number 1 resource for stacks.

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An absolute jewel!


1 year ago

I need lists of documents that can be previewed and downloaded. Paperless makes this a breeze to setup. Also, as I need to make changes to that list of documents, updates are as simple as dragging new files into or out of the folder on my server using an FTP client like Transmission. I don't even have to fire up Rapidweaver to republish. BRILLIANT!

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