Simply and easily add the beautiful parallax effect to images on your web pages. Control the effect direction and scale and add content too!

Shaking the Habitual
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Parallaxer stack

It has never been easier to add the stunning parallax effect to your RapidWeaver projects.

Parallaxer is a very simple stack that lets you add amazing parallax effects to your images. With Parallaxer you can:

  • Control the parallax effect direction (up, left and right)
  • Control the parallax effect scale
  • (Optionally) Add content to one of 5 areas (centre, top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right)

You can also control the size of the image and (for example) use Parallaxer as hero banner on your web pages. Check out the demo sites to see numerous options in action!

Parallaxer is a very lightweight solution and totally mobile friendly! Additionally, unlike most other parallax solutions, Parallaxer uses foreground / regular images (as opposed to background images) which means that you can add Alt Tags to help with accessibility and SEO. This is really important if the content of your images is meaningful (as opposed to just being decorative).

Also available as part of our bundle deal. See website for details.

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Parallaxer Info

  • Version 1.5.1

  • Released Dec 09th, 2019

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Parallaxer Support
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Parallaxer Reviews



2 years ago

Happy I found this stack. Works well and includes mobile friendly configuration settings.

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