Percept is a photo oriented theme featuring a unique and easy to set up/use full-screen slide show. Customize the theme using any Stacks.

One Little Designer
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Built with Modular Percept is a different from other themes, it utilizes the power of both stacks and themes for utlimate control! It is built on and comes with Modular, a brand-new theme from 1LD.

What is a Modular Theme? Simply put, a modular theme is the mid point between a Stack framework and a traditional theme. Traditional themes are too limiting when it comes to customization. Stack frameworks require you to create your own design, can be time consuming/daunting to setup, are quite expensive, and do not support RapidWeaver plugin pages like the blog, contact form, and photo album.

Modular themes take the benefits of a traditional theme in that there is no design work involved, but like a Stack framework gives you access to areas you typically could not edit before. You can even add Stacks content to the plugin (non-stacks) pages and setup is as simple as it is with a traditional theme.

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