Plan is a Premium Responsive Theme that has unique layout and clean design.

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Original style

Back to purity, back to simplicity! In Plan-theme the good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better because it concentrates on the essential aspect, and the product in your site are not burdened with non-essentials.

Plan is perfect for those who work with the text. Vertical navigation and a fluid layout are its best features.

Plan is GDPR Compliant:

No calls to any third-party hosted libraries, such as JQuery or Google Fonts.

RapidWeaver 8 features

  • "Sliders" for font size
  • "Banner image", just drag your image!
  • RGBA Colours support

Custom background:

Full support for the "banner image" RW8, just drag your image!

Font customization

Plan comes with several embedded WebFonts. Thanks to the “Plus Code” you can animate any text or icon. 5 safe-fonts also for the text content.

Animation kit

No stack plugin required. You can apply the animation in all pages. Thanks to the "Plus code" of the Awesome font you can animate icons, text and images! All examples in the demo project.

Demo Project:

This file empowers users to create their own pages quickly and easily leaving more time for layout and interface experimentation. Easy to use and customize. Is available also a further project with RWML stack (paid stack) for multilingual sites.

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Plan Info

  • Version 1.3.1

  • Released May 12th, 2022

  • Multithemes
  • Plan Support
  • Version History

Plan Reviews

Great theme, much greater support! Now even with embedded fonts


4 years ago

In Europe starts a new privacy law that makes it nearly impossible to use Google Fonts (Google saves the IP of each user). I asked the support for help and they changed the font handling to complete embedding. The theme now even works offline.

I wish all companies would have a support like Multithemes! THANKS!

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modern and clean style, perfect for my purpose

Alfredo Bauer

4 years ago

the design is wonderful and offers enough possibilities to create the perfect custom site. Good support from Multithemes

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Exellent Theme


7 years ago

Excellent Modern theme, backed up with great support

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