Platform is a full-featured framework for RapidWeaver with focus on usability, modularity and individuality. "Batteries included."

J. Barth (Navigio)
9 reviews

+++ Price reduced by 50% for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic +++

With so many people stuck at home for the upcoming weeks, I have decided to halve the price for Platform. Hope you enjoy it and most importantly: stay healthy!

No discount code required, the correct price will be displayed during check-out.

Say good bye to mainstream!

  • Easily create stunning web sites which stand out from the crowd.
  • Platform is full-featured: More than 60 main stacks and countless sub-stacks provide everything you need - and more - in order to create your project [1].
  • Platform is based on Bulma, the front-end framework which has conquered web site development by storm.
  • Based on drag & drop principles, no coding is necessary, no knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.
  • Premium stacks included, such as a complete typography suite, warehoused images and parallax.

See what you get with Platform in this video:

Technical prerequisites:

Stacks add-on release >= 3.5 is required, as well as RapidWeaver version >= 7

[1]: Except if you want to set up an Online Shop or a CMS for example...

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Platform Info

  • Version 21.4

  • Released Mar 09th, 2021

  • J. Barth (Navigio)
  • Platform Support
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Platform Reviews

Bought in promo, excellent product!


1 year ago

this framework is perfect for my needs and is complete with everything you need. recommended!

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my first choice

Louren Poisson

1 year ago

it is so easy to use to me, large gear of tools. I got also excellent after sales support! recommended

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a good choice

Albert Donnon

2 years ago

Simple to use anc rich in stacks, reasonable price and good support.

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An excellent platform :-)


2 years ago

I have made my first webpage with Platform, it is a page about our vegetarian kitchen and food in the company where I work as a production planner and IT worker. I do all the intranet and website for our company. Anyway, the page I finished today is made in Platform. And I must say that I actually are surprised by the ease and speed I did this. The stacks are many and quite versatile. It is also lightening fast. It is loading in 0.3 seconds on mobile units and 0.4 seconds on desktop computers. And I am even using a fair amount of photos. So I am really happy with Platform. I think Platform are a worthy addition to the fair amount of free form layout systems that we have available for Rapidweaver. Kind Regards Kent Pedersen

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Good stuff package

Alfredo Bauer

2 years ago

I used this framework in a couple of projects, good package and reasonable price!

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A Complete Toolbox


2 years ago

Once you have Rapidweaver and Stacks, then this has everything you might need to produce great websites all in one great package. It is both well executed and very easy to use and certainly is great value for money with all those stacks. The videos and example projects give a really good grounding for even the most nervous beginner.

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Easy to Use


2 years ago

Love Platform it is so easy to use and great after sales support as well

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Love Platform For Rapidweaver


2 years ago

Platform is a very a very cool, friendly and modern framework for Rapidweaver. I just made a purchase.

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Platform - Great All-in-One Stack Solution


2 years ago

It's new, it's huge, it's beautiful and a well thought way of building websites by using pre-defined components. Its all-inclusive philosophy is very attractive and may ease the process to build and maintain websites for the non-professional user.

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