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The official Player stack for RapidWeaver. A combined audio and video stack with phenomenal features. Backed by a developer you can trust.

Will Woodgate
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The Stacks4Stacks Player stack was the first of its kind to be developed and released. Coded exclusively from scratch, this is by-far the most sophisticated MP3 and MP4 player available for RapidWeaver. Definitely an expert-grade stack for any discerning RapidWeaver user seeking a high specification audio and video player. Player offers a comprehensive feature set simply not available in any other stack of its kind.

This is the stack you will often see recommended on the RapidWeaver Community Forums. Over the years, Player has been purchased and used in thousands of websites; ranging from individual composers and freelance filmmakers, right up to multinational advertising agencies, sound recordists, film studios and major record labels.

Key features of Player include:

  • Compatibility with all newer web browsers and devices with support for HTML5.
  • Uses audio or video files you host yourself, therefore avoiding time limits, advertising, censorship and playback quality issues.
  • Customise the aspect ratio of the video player to any size.
  • Provide a custom video poster image either dragged-and-dropped into RapidWeaver or linked from a warehouse location.
  • A totally customisable toolbar interface. Change the buttons, the colour scheme, the size and other factors.
  • DOG (digital overlay graphic) support for videos.
  • Basic video effects, like sepia and monochrome. Options to autostart video muted, for use in website banners.
  • Change aspects of playback like the start time, end time and speed.
  • Full support for caption content and subtitles.
  • Ability to safely use multiple Player stacks on the same webpage.
  • Convenient options to redirect a user to another webpage, after the audio or video has finished.
  • Fully responsive. Works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and TV screens.

Player is one stack that combines support for both MP3 and MP4 files. These are files that you host yourself on your web server or with a cloud storage provider such as Amazon S3 or CloudFront. Player purposefully does not provide support for video sharing websites (like YouTube or Vimeo). This stack was designed for website owners who want to retain full ownership of their media content and have complete control over the player interface.

A free trial version of Player is available, enabling you to fully evaluate the feature set on offer to you.

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