A solid solution for embedding an audio playlist or podcast within RapidWeaver. Brimming with numerous features and customisability.

Will Woodgate
4 reviews

If you're seeking to incorporate a powerful and flexible audio playlist within your RapidWeaver website, the PlayLister stack is an absolutely essential tool for the job. Developed exclusively for RapidWeaver (in partnership with some experts from the audio and music industry) PlayLister is simple to setup; giving your website users the perfect combination of a fully responsive audio player that is easy to use and will work just about anywhere! Playlister can be extensively styled to match your existing RapidWeaver themes. Font Awesome icon buttons ensure everything remains crystal-clear on retina displays too.

PlayLister is not limited to only using MP3 links you provide in RapidWeaver. You can configure PlayLister to automatically construct a playlist from a directory of MP3 files hosted on your web server or added as 'resources' in RapidWeaver. Linking to a CSV spreadsheet datafile is another method of constructing a playlist. Alternatively if you are publishing an audio iTunes Podcast, simply give PlayLister your podcast XML link.

PlayLister has a formidable feature set and is quite simply the best stack around for compiling a playlist of tracks or audio podcast episodes. Comparable Wordpress plugins commonly exceed $300 per domain, so PlayLister offers fantastic value for money.

Please see the PlayLister product page for an introductory video, full documentation about the stack, a live published example and a free demo version for downloading and installing into RapidWeaver.

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PlayLister Info

  • Version 2.7.2

  • Released Jun 08th, 2021

  • Will Woodgate
  • PlayLister Support
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PlayLister Reviews

Playlister is a must-have for me!


1 year ago

I teach courses in a flipped format where students prepare for class first, then we do a variety of relevant activities in class to deepen their understanding. I've found Playlister to be the perfect stack for delivering presentations that include audio (with a relevant PDF download). What's so great about Playlister is the "presentation" can be easily broken up into chapters or chunks. This makes things so much easier for students: they need not listen to the complete presentation in one go, but simply return and resume at the chapter they last listened to. I realize most folks use this stack for music, but it's just as wonderful for spoken word presentations!

The stack was easy to set up with all the relevant options I need. Will has continued to update this stack over time. First class support and design!

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The best music app


1 year ago

Playlister was just the App I was looking for. A lot of options and great performances. Just the one and only ideal music app.

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The best


3 years ago

I was looking for a playlist player and playlister is the best one ! ☝️

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5 years ago

This is such a well thought out stack. Not only does it do all the basic stuff well, but it has so many options that it allows you to create a playlist that looks exactly how you want it to look, quickly and easily, without being a technical whiz.

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