New In Version 4.10.2


  • Improves compatibility with 3rd-party themes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes default sort behaviour when using Search in Catalog page.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New Version 4

The new version of the most powerful e-commerce solution for RapidWeaver™ is here with stock managament, coupon codes and much more.

Sell Like a Pro

RapidCart Pro 4 makes it easy to build and manage a powerful and fully customizable online store with RapidWeaver™.

RapidCart Pro has the enterprise-class features and the flexibility you need to create an Ecommerce solution tailored to your unique needs.

Starter or Advanced? What's the Right Edition for You?

RapidCart Pro comes in two flavors to best fit your needs. Both Starter and Advanced editions feature pro functionalities to let you build a powerful e-commerce web site in minutes.

Advanced edition offers stock management, digital downloads, CSV import/export and much more...

Multiple Payment Gateways

RapidCart Pro 4 supports multiple payment gateways each with its own commissions settings. Accept payments using Stripe, PayPal and Mollie (including iDEAL and Bitcoin) or choose to handle offline payments like Cash on Delivery or Wire Transfer.

Digital Delivery

RapidCart Pro 4 lets you digitally distribute your media content with ease and reliability. Start selling now audio and video files, ebooks, digital pictures and software.

Unlimited Products

There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store.

Product Versions

Offer different versions of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, and weight.

Mobile Commerce Ready

Your RapidCart Pro 4 store includes a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet.

Adapts to Different Countries Taxation Systems

RapidCart Pro 4 can be configured to comply to your country taxation system and, based on your location, can handle EU VAT reverse charge and German law compliance.

Flexible Region-aware Shipping Rates

Set up shipping rates by fixed-price, tiered pricing, weight-based, and location-based rates.

Endless Configuration Options

Easily customize your store layout, choose your preferred payment gateways, set the price point at which free shipping applies: configuration options are really endless, and each minor update will bring new ones!

Stacks of Features

RapidCart Pro 4 is designed to work with Yourhead Stacks and further customize your store layout.

Build completely customized and fully functional product pages with RapidCart Pro Stacks.

Themes for RapidCart Pro 4

RapidCart Pro 4 works with all official and 3rd party themes for RapidWeaver™. We partnered with some great developers to create beautiful themes with extra functionalities designed for RapidCart Pro 4.

Addon Details

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Foreground is a RapidWeaver Developer with 5 addons.



1 month ago

Can Rapidcart Pro deliver licence codes the way Rapidcart 3 did?

I am currently using Rapidcart 3 to delivery software licence codes from a text list of codes. With the recent PayPal security requirements, Rapidcart 3 is failing, despite my site being TLS1.2 and HTTP/1.1 compliant. All my links are https. I would happily upgrade to Rapidcart Pro if it could deliver licence codes the same way that Rapidcart 3 did. Is this planned?

Developer reply from 4gnd

1 month ago

Currently RapidCart Pro lets you automatically deliver files. Raw coupon codes are not supported unless they are written inside a file that customers will download.

the shupester

11 months ago

Great Product • But... what happened to the support?!!

I have been a longtime user of RapidCart and up until this spring, very happy with the support.

Something has happened though... I got one reply from Robert Tremonti back in mid-May saying that his third child was born and he was running behind on support tickets. Since then that question from April and more questions in July have never been answered. I have used their Tender® knowledgebase and support system, email, tweets to Robert, 4gnd, and Gilberto De Faveri and there has been no response through today (September 4). I hope that nothing bad has happened to them.

So for what it can do right now - it is an amazing product, but if we don't get some response back soon from the developer, it seems that Realmac and the community should put a caution sign up rather than endorsement.


1 year ago


I am having an issue getting my page to show "payment method" after checkout. It has been enable inside the Rapidcart Pro app in rapidweaver for Stripe but after doing a test it does not give the option to use the card. My secret key is in and card has been enable.


1 year ago

Very easy to use, looks great and good support. Highly recommended :-)

Maks Zbogar

2 years ago

So customizable, that I could also make a festival contestants listings with RapidCart PRO

RapidCart can be used as a Catalog too, so while I was searching for Rapidweaver solution for my festival members presentation project, I asked their world top support if I am able to do it and they just said: Sure, just set it as Catalog only and remove any versions from products (in my case singers). So, now I got perfect searchable, sortable and grouped (by tags and categories), festival contestants list with RapidCart plugin. This is amazing! Did I mention that you can translate any word in this plugin? No limits with RapidCart, so you can't go wrong if you purchase this state of the art plugin! Stable, robust and incredibly customizable piece of software! Thank you Foreground for making such a good plugin!


2 years ago

Amazing software for an online store

I have reviewed many store solutions for my clients. RCP has the most features and top grade support - surpassing all the other software. My clients appreciate their stores and I build 'em all with RCP. Thanks!!!


2 years ago

Great product, great team

Being new to this shopping lark I found the basics a bit difficult but with help and I dare say a lot of patience Im up and running. The assistance from Rob was brilliant. Great Stack.


2 years ago


It's a great tool. Simple to deploy. Extremely customizable... Support always available and helpful.

If you have items to sell or if you have some product to show and your site is built with rapidveawer... it's a "Must Have"


2 years ago


Would like to know if that the advanced version of RapidCart Pro has support for digital downloads ?? (to sell digital downloads)

Developer reply from 4gnd

2 years ago

RapidCart Pro Advanced Edition supports digital downloads. Here's the comparison table between editions.

Gary Hirst

2 years ago

Great Product and Support

I really enjoy the flexibility built into the product - especially the stacks. I am not a experienced programmer so the ability to use stacks as a front end to such powerful program is a huge benefit. The support has been fantastic as I have managed to demonstrate my lack of experience more than a few times to the Roberto and Gilberto.


2 years ago

RapidCart Pro is a great webshop solution!

I'm not the super experienced website or webshop expert, but the RCPro has been a super investment. I particularly like the built in "Digital Delivery" use because I sell PDF sheet music and it is great not having to hand send the pieces when an order comes in. A VERY important thing is great support guys Gilberto and Roberto who have answered all of my silly and sometimes stupid questions quickly and patiently!! Thanks guys! More software companies could use your efficiency as a role model! Ciao for now, David


2 years ago

A fantastic ecommerce solution for Rapidweaver, with outstanding support.

Rapidcart Pro is a great ecommerce solution for Rapidweaver. RCP has many options and features for an attractive presentation of your catalog and products, integration with your theme and project, reliable performance and comprehensive product management. The developers are steadily adding improvements and innovative features and have always been prompt, helpful and patient in answering my support questions, even when I've overlooked something painfully obvious. If you have a large catalog with many items you will really appreciate the ease of use in creating and managing your store. It's priced very reasonably, especially when you consider that you can use it in as many projects as you need to with no additional licensing charges, and you or your clients will not have to pay for any ecommerce subscription services. My client is very satisfied with Rapidcart Pro, and I couldn't be happier. I recommend it highly, and encourage you to download the demo and try RCP out for yourself.

2 years ago

In need of a powerful tool for a project-catalogue, RapidCart Pro 4 came to the rescue!

I've thought much about how to create a responsive, dynamic web-page presenting a growing number of projects in a flexible way (for example sorting by tags and categories), with automatically created galleries for each object including a lightbox function. I nearly gave up until I remembered that RapidCart Pro 4 not only is a great shopping cart solution but can also be used in "catalogue mode", without all the cart options. The result can be seen here:

Another Foreground product was of great help with another page of this site: RapidMaps 3. On this map I can selectively show projects in different stages of development by remotely clicking on the legend below:

Really loving these products and can only recommend them!


2 years ago

Quantity Field for items still outstanding.

From: Roberto Tremonti (Support staff) Subject: Quantity on options/Versions

Hi Riaan, quantity field will be definitely added in a future update in next weeks. Unfortunately I have no timeplan for the release at the moment.

Kind regards. (9/12/2015)

Why promise this and never deliver?, instead adding things I dont actually think is important at all. My website can't function because of this lack of fundamental issue in Rapid Cart. My clients dont want to change the quantities in the cart , they want/need to add it in the shopping page. (Pretty much like any shopping cart does it thats out there) True , that all the other features are amazing , but I'm baffled why this is not implemented yet!

Developer reply from 4gnd

2 years ago

We keep improving RapidCart Pro, introducing new features by popular demand and adjustments. As said, we will deliver "quantity field" option as soon as possible. Thanks for your feedback.


2 years ago

The only one e-commerce solution!

Absolutely perfect. I'm using it since Version 3 and have always been satisfied. It supports all the needs I might desire to have for any kind of e-commerce need. I still have not found out anything that RapidCart Pro can't perform: it is well documented and relies on a solid experience and the knowledge of the programmers.


2 years ago

Professional Product with Lots of Features & Easy to Use

We've recently created 2 online stores for 2 very different types of product catalogues and we were looking for a robust eCommerce solution to use with RapidWeaver. RCPro4 ticked all the boxes on paper and provided extra functionality that can come in useful for the future as our needs grow over time such as multiple shipping options (by product, weight, number of items, etc). PayPal integration is fully supported along with Stripe and other platforms. This is a very flexible professional product that is regularly maintained and enhanced.

We've had very positive feedback from shoppers with regards to the user experience and on the occasions that we have contacted the RC support team with queries, Roberto has provided a fast and useful response each time. Highly recommended eCommerce plugin for Rapid Weaver sites. This is a great Plugin that comes bundled with useful stacks so that you can define your own page layouts too. Extensive list of options without being overly complicated to use.


2 years ago

A Gem among many options available

There is so much control over content in this plugin and associated stacks, from micro defining areas of sale to global, multiple images per product, pricing structures, discounts and without having to use MySql (Optional) with many different payment, shipping & stock control options. I haven't used all cart systems but this one meets the needs of my riding group for regalia by reserving items and have them waiting for the next group meeting for payment and pickup. I don't think I could have done this with any other commerce solution out there the way I wanted to. Frequent updates, the Developer is really on the ball with this suite.


2 years ago

Rapid Cart is the Best

The best support ever. Thank u for your help.


2 years ago

RapidCart beats everything including WordPress

I have a complicated shopping experience on my site. 25 or more mix of items receive free shipping AND some items are just flat free shipping.

My daughter could not find any WordPress Plugins that allowed both.

Anyway, at first I was intimidated learning a new software (Im 50+ yrs old) But RapidCart Pro is a breeze!

This also supports Stripe which I really wanted so we would not be so reliant on just Paypal anymore.

I love the stacks that are included with RapidCart Pro. You can use a regular Stacks Page adding your content, then..... insert the Buy Stack for a certain item, or a Catalog Stack(images) of a certain item, or the Grid Stack! Or all of the above on the same page.

Wow is all I can say. Thanks Foreground for a remarkable piece of software! And I only had to pay once, and not monthly. Yes!

If you have RapidCart like I did... Update to the Pro version! You won't be sorry. It will import your carts from RapidCart into the Pro version.


Harald Schneider

2 years ago

RapidCart Pro 4: Flexibility to the max !

I waited a long time for a Stacks bases eCommerce Solution which allows me to build custom shopping pages with a small footprint. Now the waiting is over ! RapidCart Pro 4 comes with a bunch of Stacks which allow to build highly flexible shopping pages without layout constraints. The original RapidCart Catalog can be hidden, running the complete shop with Stacks only. It is easy to setup, runs stable as a rock, adapts smoothly to any screen size and fits perfectly into the Foundation Theme. It fully covers the crazy EU tax rules like VAT ID and digital downloads. It offers all features which only some Cloud Services offer for monthly fees. The product support is awesome: Ultra short answer times and open for feature requests. Keep on your excellent work !

Galerie Dessins

2 years ago

Great Webshop solution: RapidCart Pro 4

For our digital Galerie we have made a webshop. Every solution you must pay a fee per month and for our site are these cost very high. But you can buy Rapidcart pro 4 with no monthley fees. This software is really awesome. It looks good en it works even better. The most important feature for us is Stock Management. We sell unique art and then is stockmanagement very important.


2 years ago

Best RapidWeaver eCommerce Plugin!

Not only is the customer support TOP-NOTCH, but the features and customization options is the best, and I've used several such plugins for RW. This is definitely a must-have for those who weave shopping carts into their pages!

Igor K.

2 years ago

The best support ever!

I start to use RapidCart 2 in 2010 and I saw, how this project was growing day by day. What we have today is hard work of developers, who really listen to their customers and develop by far the best e-commerce solution for RW. During this years i contact them many times and ask to change/add many things - every request was professionally answered and help was given in full detail. Today with RapidCart Pro i have successful, growing business. With this letter i want to say big thank to Roberto and Gilberto, who gave me chance to grow and who really doing great job. Best of luck for your future projects.


2 years ago

Best rapidweaver ecommerce plugin

A lot of possibilities, very powerful and a great support !!! I recommend it.


2 years ago

the first professional e-commerce plug-in

In the beginning when RCP was launched, I was first hesitant about the plugin because of theme and feature restrictions that are altogether needed for an online store. Nevertheless, the developers have worked really hard on theme integration, listen to customers, and continuously add features. As a result, I felt confident to go live with the shop 2 weeks ago. Indeed, this is the first RW e-commerce plugin that is able to cope with market constraints (EU needs, complex business rules, etc.). I recommend this superb plugin and I am ascertained that cool features are in the pipeline that will surpass our expectations for professional online shops. Thank you foreground for all your support!


2 years ago

A great set of options

This plug-in gives me so much control on how I may sell my products. It handles special options and choice lists, I need to track each sale and ensure the products get delivered appropriately. These special options can be applied based on categories, tags, or the cart itself. It has plenty of payment options and even supports stacks. Great Plug-in!


2 years ago

For me this is the best ecommerce plugin ever!

I like RapidWeaver. Moreover, since this RapidCart Pro came out. This plugin made my life easier than before. Easy to manage. Thank you.


2 years ago

Really Great Support

I've been dreaming of opening my own web store since 1996. I didn't have the programming chops, nor the cash to pay out for a monthly service. I've been able to open stores on multiple sites! VERY HAPPY! NO FEES! AMAZING!


3 years ago

It is a quantum leap

In the beginning I was really not sure, if the Pro version is worth to invest again a lot of time. First I worked with the RapidCart 3 version. It was easy to handle, but not very user oriented. Anyway - I took the risk and was not disappointed so far. It takes nearly everything, what a modern Shop should have! Keep on with that good work!


3 years ago

Nice and Stable

Easy to use, but very powerful plugin for setting up an Online store in RapidWeaver. One Thing I must say, they provide Excellent Support !!


3 years ago

Thank you for responding to emails for help! - Great Customer Service

I am a Trumpet player and Educator. I started on Pagemill to GoLive to RapidWeaver. I appreciate greatly the time and effort they put into their product and customer service. Online since 1996.

Ton Breukers

3 years ago

Yes I use it now

SEO is getting easier with Rapid Card Pro and I hope my Shops will grow very fast!


3 years ago

Powerful E-Commerce plugin

Easy to use, but very powerful plugin for setting up an Onlinestore in RapidWeaver.

Good Job Guys, Keep it Up!

3 years ago

RapidCart Pro is the future of e-commerce in RapidWeaver

Here are some of the things that I love about RCP...

  1. Database imports (via CSV files).
  2. The look and feel is modern/elegant/beautiful and responsive.
  3. It's searchable! Like a real store should be.
  4. You buy it once and you own it. No subscriptions here!

I've talked to the programmers/designers and I know they want to make the best e-commerce RapidWeaver plugins on the planet. It's the best solution out there right now. I highly recommend it.


3 years ago


This is the most incredible plugin for rapidweaver that I ever used, I am impressed with the simplicity of creating a professional an beautifu looking store with rapidweaver.

There are no other like this, 100% recommended.


3 years ago

RapidCart Pro – A truly professional e-commerce solution

Remember Omnidea? They are a small Italian software smithy. They have a cool app that gives you rulers on your Mac's screen and they have a couple of RapidWeaver plugins. RapidMaps, for instance, lets you insert very flexible Google Maps into your web page and then there is RapidCart, one of the first e-commerce solutions available for RapidWeaver. RapidCart is a little long in the tooth now and, while it is still a great solution for smaller online stores, it's not ideal for larger stock lists. See more at: