New In Version 3.5.7

Fixed bugs in the info sidebar controls and in the Stacks API. For more details see our complete release notes here:

Powerful, responsive layout -- and now with over 800 stacks in the RapidWeaver Community.

Since 2009 Stacks has been the #1 way to build amazing sites in RapidWeaver. Stacks 3 brings 3 times the power, 3 times the speed, and 3 times the awesome. Check out some of the amazing new features.

  • Partials: A new way to build your pages from modular, editable, reusable components that you build yourself. You should watch the video here:

  • Super Fast, Super Customizable Library: A brand new library redesigned from the ground up to be blazing fast with configuration options to help you adjust your workflow just the way you like.

  • New Sidebar Interface: Both the Stacks Library and the Info Pane can be used as Windows, Popovers, or Sidebars. Plus hide/show them quickly with simple keyboard shortcuts. Now Stacks works great on all screen sizes!

  • New Responsive Content: The built in column stacks are now responsive and support stacked layout options, per-platform hiding. All images now support responsive resizing and automatically export retina resolutions when the source image is large enough.

Addon Details

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YourHead Software

YourHead Software is a RapidWeaver Developer with 6 addons.


hans stobble

6 months ago

Essential plugin for professional jobs

I'm a new user but I immediately understood the value of this plugin. Easy to make good contents and immediate layouts. RW team should incorporate it in RW!

Chet Collins

8 months ago


If you use RapidWeaver, you must get Stacks. With a healthy developer community, there's a stack for whatever you want your website to have.


1 year ago

RapidWeaver + Stacks Plugin = Powerful WebDesign

The release of the Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver was for many users a game changer. It moved WebDesign with RapidWeaver to a whole new level.

With Stacks 3 suddenly all the exotic trending features you'd see around the world wide web were within reach.

As developers around the globe joined the Stacks Wagon more and more Stacks (addons for the Stacks Plugin) were released.

If you enjoy the ease and speed of working with an offline editor like RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin, you got one of the most advanced WebDesign App for MacOS, if not the most!

It's not just an offline editor – today developers have developed several cms and shop solutions too.

Karl Roll

1 year ago

Ein "MUST"

einfach gesagt ... wie der Titel .. ohne geht's nicht

Alfredo Bauer

2 years ago

a must have software

Without this plugin RW it is not the SAME thing, Fantastic

Raul Del Corte Valiente

2 years ago

The king

Absolutely essential and recommended.


2 years ago

RapidWeaver without Stacks is like life without Coffee... pointless!

There is nothing more fundamental to making RapidWeaver a highly extensive tool that can do anything you'll ever need it to do than the Stacks plugin. If RapidWeaver was an Apple developed software, they would have already purchased YourHead Software and implemented stacks as a necessary feature.

Things is makes easy: stores, albums, movies, responsiveness, RSS feeds, buttons, layout... Stacks is just incredible, and if you're looking to make money from RapidWeaver, then stacks is a must have. If ever you have a problem or run into an issue trying to do something with RapidWeaver, it will most of the time be solved via a stack someone made.


2 years ago

You're missing out if you don't have this!

If you're using RapidWeaver as sold, you are missing out on a completely developer friendly plugin that can add so much to the development of your website. This should be your VERY FIRST add-on Purchase!

Brad Halstead


3 years ago

The ultimate RW Plugin

Simply put, this Plugin should be part of RW right out of the box. I can't imagine building any RW website without this functionality. It opens the door to a countless number of stacks that can be used to create everything from responsive layouts to image galleries, and maps. It is a MUST HAVE!

Stephane sfx

3 years ago

I use it everyday !

So easy, and now responsive : columns + images and partials and so many new features... :) stacks 3 is a must have !


3 years ago

Stack 3 Great Upgrade

Great Upgrade from Stacks 2 ! So far not having any issues. I did have to update several Stacks and Foundation Theme. I've been using Screens and Foundation mostly but I have tried Stacks 3 with several other Themes and it seems fine, no crashes or other issues.


3 years ago

Stacks 3 Crashing RW and corrupting my RW projects

How do I roll back to Stacks 2? This new version is crashing RW left and right, and I've got 4 corrupted projects that I have to start from scratch. I recommend no one getting version 3 until the obvious bugs are fixed. It has made my copy of RW unusable.


3 years ago

Gotta have Stacks

Honestly, I can't image using RW without stacks. Do people do that?

Thanks to Yourhead Stacks and other developers who create Stacks plugins there's no limit to what you can do in Rapidweaver.


3 years ago

If You Have RapidWeaver You Must Get Stacks 2.

Stacks makes RapidWeaver so much more flexible and add so many more possibilities. If you buy RapidWeaver you really need to get this at the sometime.

One Little Designer

3 years ago

Love it!

Stacks is an absolute must for RapidWeaver - a powerful easy-to-use plugin that makes building pages fun.


3 years ago

…makes the difference!

I did not get going with RapidWeaver until I discovered Stacks. The concept is absolutely flawless and in combination with RapidWeaver it is unbeatable. The community around Stacks is open, friendly and supportive. The Ecosystem that Isajah built around Stacks is simply amazing! My first ever website was only possible thanks to Stacks and RapidWaver.

Steve @ Truedesign

3 years ago


Rapidweaver without Stacks just doesn't seem right to me... a must for any serious / semi-serious Rapidweaver user. Coming from a print design background, Stacks is the only way I want to build websites in Rapidweaver. Together with a good set of 3rd Party Stacks it's a must buy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ryan @ RapidWeaver Classroom

3 years ago

My "Go-To" Page

I use Stacks for at least 90% of all the website development I do in RapidWeaver. It is a powerful tool that provides unrivaled flexibility and control over your content. I can't say enough good things about Stacks and I highly recommend it to every RapidWeaver user!

Jamie R

3 years ago

The only way to go with Rapidweaver!

Stacks makes you look clever - there's almost nothing you can't do with the various options - and the community support makes all the difference!


3 years ago


A must have add-on for Rapidweaver, Stacks makes creating and designing websites the best way to design websites, ever!

Gary Byrd

3 years ago

Happy and Healthy!

We all know that designing websites can be a trial of your patience and determination ... sometimes you win and sometimes you have to start all over again.

The Stacks plugin will drastically reduce your stress level when designing websites. There are literally thousands of individual stacks that can be dragged and dropped on your webpage and then customized to match your website within a beautiful graphical environment.

Stacks is worthy of six stars out of five!


3 years ago

Must have!

If you own RapidWeaver and do not have the Stacks plugin, GO GET IT!! This is a MUST have for all RapidWeaver users!


3 years ago

I love Stacks!

Stacks is the first add-on that every RapidWeaver user should buy. It makes building webpages so fun an easy.