Points is a full responsive image map. It allows you to highlight multiple points on an image. When you hover over a point, a tooltip can be displayed in order to provide more information. You can also add links to each point. This will allow you to link to other webpages or even open a lightbox. There are many different styles for the points, including custom images and Font Awesome integration.

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Points Info

  • Version 2.1.9

  • Released Nov 06th, 2020

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Points Reviews

great for maps

Anna loreti.

3 weeks ago

as someone else has said, there are no alternatives to such a stack, great for maps and infographics!

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Simple to use!

gary taylor

3 years ago

as someone says, No alternatives here! this stack is the answer to many designers for in infographics and not only!

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fast and easy to use

hans stobble

3 years ago

No alternatives here, I tried other solutions but POINTS is the right choice for RW. I made 2 interactive maps in less than a day!

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Easy to use and fast workfloor

J. Hammeng

3 years ago

Used in more than one project for my clients, very easy to use and highly customizable. recommended!

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