Trendy motion design, a special column for RW with animated bands in morphing & styles background.

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PopBands, StacksPlugin & HypePro®

Animated Bands & Styles Background. Tonnes of options for endless Combinations. 60+ models ready to use. The HypePro based Stacks is the next generation of packages with original contents for RapidWeaver. All animations are designed exclusively for this Stack.

Smart Viewport Animations

This stack allows to manage Viewport animations with three options with morphing animation. Apply Animation when element comes into viewport. You can select 3 states, initial (static) , “First animation” (in view) and “Second Animation” (on Exit).

Fitting to your style

Creating original contents and interactivity for users is the main purpose of this stack. Let PopBands work for you! They're so easy to use and they can be quickly styled to match your own brand, using the Stack panel.

Smart PREVIEW / Edit mode Tools

The simulator is visible only in preview. It helps you with text adjustment, the Viewport triggers. Also a dashboard is available in Edit Mode with basic settings, the settings changes are reflected in the UI.

Perfect Retina & Responsive

Based on "SVG" and "Vector shapes", powered by JavaScript, work in all modern browsers and look perfect at any devices. This Stack is fully responsive, adjusting its layout widths based on your visitor's device and the current browser size.

Demo project

In the DMG file we enclose also all examples online and further projects for all RW frameworks FOUNDATION 5 and 6, FOUNDRY, UIKIT, PLATFORM and SOURCE.

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PopBands Info

  • Version 1.0.8

  • Released Mar 09th, 2022

  • Multithemes
  • PopBands Support
  • Version History

PopBands Reviews

Worked Great Until Update


1 year ago

Worked Great before they made the most recent update. Now its a blank on the website and doesnt show on browsers. Pass till they fix it.

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Amazinf effects

Daniel Benner

2 years ago

Just to say WOW, I had support from Multithemes guys (again) to build my site and I just say thanks! this stack is amazing, you can change the styke easely and the site looks awesome. reccomended

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Trendy and original

Fabio Ronconi

2 years ago

This is not the first stacked I used from Multi Themes and I love the concept. The layout became alive! a lot of options and models, 5 stars!

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improving my projects

Joe Damman

2 years ago

POPbands and the stack collection (I got the full package motion design bundle) makes my projects so much more modern and trendy and add so many more possibilities to customize the layout.

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Flashy or minimal animations

Albert Donnon

2 years ago

I confirm what others also say, it's an original idea. This stack improves the style of contents and it is possible to use flashy or minimal animations (but also without). I used it to update existing sites.

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Enrich contents

Alfredo Bauer

2 years ago

I'm a big fan of multithemes guys and I've already used some themes. The stacks are even more interesting, PopBANDS is my favorite (I've bought the bundle). this stack enrich the content and I used it in an existing project with Foundation.

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Motion Design — Love it!

RapidWeaver Central

2 years ago

These stacks may not be to everyone’s taste but through the dearth of innovation in the community, they appear to me like a shining light.

As with all Michelangelo’s designs, they are beautifully crafted and precision-engineered with a passion you can almost lick off the screen. They have options from subtle to obvious and like all the best stacks and designs they are best used in moderation to achieve the greatest effect. Personally, I see myself using one of these Multithemes stacks in every new client project, because they are exactly the kind of flair that clients perceive as value.

It’s a long time since I found myself looking forward to a developer’s next creation.

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