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PopImage, StacksPlugin & HypePro®

Make your pics more impactful with original style. Tonnes of options for endless Combinations. 40+ models ready to use. The HypePro based Stacks is the next generation of packages with original contents for RapidWeaver. All animations are designed exclusively for Stacks.

Fitting to your style

Creating original contents and interactivity for users is the main purpose of this stack. Let PopImage work for you! They're so easy to use and they can be quickly styled to match your own brand, using the Stack panel.

Smart PREVIEW / Edit mode Tools

The simulator is visible only in preview. It helps you with text adjustment, the breakpoints checking and Viewport triggers. Also a dashboard is available in Edit Mode with basic settings, the settings changes are reflected in the UI.

Perfect Retina & Responsive

Based on "SVG" and "Vector shapes", powered by JavaScript, work in all modern browsers and look perfect at any devices. This Stack is fully responsive, adjusting its layout widths based on your visitor's device and the current browser size.

Demo project

In the DMG file we enclose also all examples online and further projects for all RW frameworks FOUNDATION 5 and 6, FOUNDRY, UIKIT, PLATFORM and SOURCE.

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PopImage Info

  • Version 1.0.8

  • Released Mar 05th, 2022

  • Multithemes
  • PopImage Support
  • Version History

PopImage Reviews

new look for my portfolio page!

Louren Poisson

1 year ago

With a single stack I created a nice home for my personal portfolio. Very original stack, with many templates ready to use. recommended!

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Worked Great Until Update


1 year ago

It doesn't currently show up on any browsers since the update. Wait until the fix the "fix".

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perfect for portfolio

Gerda W.

2 years ago

I want to thank the Multi Themes team for their support. with the package they recommended, I did a great job. recommended to everyone

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Motion design, I love it

Albert Donnon

2 years ago

After some testing with stack solid I tried also this stack. Original concept suitable for many purposes. In my case perfect a personal bio, nice stack with tons of templates.

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Original Stack

Fabio Ronconi

2 years ago

these guys are designers, not developers, this stack is rich in options with cool animations. I can't wait to see more stacks like this!

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