Beautiful patterned elements that allow you to add that 'something different' to your web designs. Popper has two modes: Framer and Divider.

Shaking the Habitual
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Popper allows you to bring a lot of visual interest to your website by adding patterned areas to break up blocks of content. It’s especially good used in conjunction with images but can be used with any stack (or group of stacks).

There are 5 basic building blocks that you can use to create your patterns (dots, blocks, lines, checks or blobs) and these can be used either on their own or combined to create more elaborate patterns.

You can use the pattern elements to either 'frame' or divide content. If framing content, then you can opt to add the pattern to one of 9 set areas:

  • Top-left
  • Top-centre
  • Top-right
  • Centre
  • Centre-left
  • Centre-right
  • Bottom-left
  • Bottom-centre
  • Bottom-right

View examples of all of these on the Popper web page.

Also available as part of our bundle deal. See website for details.

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Popper Info

  • Version 1.4.0

  • Released Mar 30th, 2021

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Popper Support
  • Version History

Popper Reviews

Great stack to make your site pop!


4 months ago

I was looking for a way to subtly draw attention to certain sections of my site. Popper fits the bill perfectly! It's not glitzy, but it does draw the eye. Used properly, it's a classy way to make critical parts of your site stand out. Recommended.

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Great stack for your site new and old

Kip Richards

4 months ago

Popper adds uniqueness to your site whether you are looking to emphasize a section and/or add color overall. Great stack and complements other Shaking the Habitual stacks to create unique websites.

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