##Animated portfolio Create a stunning animated portfolio in seconds with this fully responsive stack.

##Custom links and titles When you hover over any portfolio item it animates up to reveal your custom link and title as seen in the first screenshot above.

##Intuitive set-up After telling the stack how many items you require, you can simply drag and drop images, and click right on the links and titles to edit them.

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Portfolio Stack Info

  • Version 3.1.2

  • Released Jun 10th, 2016

  • Doobox
  • Portfolio Stack Support
  • Version History

Portfolio Stack Reviews

Simple but Sexy


5 years ago

Not a lot of options to play with, but the results look terrific regardless. I've used Portfolio successfully on several sites.

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Best Stack for building a beautiful Portfolio


5 years ago

For me best Stack for building Portfolios

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Spot on

Rob Beattie

6 years ago

Great example of a stack that makes you look good with the absolute minimum of effort. Does one thing. Has almost no settings, and allows you to create - in seconds - a nice looking series of thumbnails which lift up smoothly on hover to reveal a caption and URL. Great for linking to products or websites.

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