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Post Office is a subscription form that also completely manages its database for you. It also integrates with popular email providers

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Post Office is a great email subscription form that also completely manages its database for you. It allows you to subscribe, unsubscribe and even export your customer info! Post Office also integrates with _M_a_d_M_i_m_i, _M_a_i_l_C_h_i_m_p, _A_W_e_b_e_r, and _N_e_w_s_l_e_t_t_e_r_ _M_a_i_l_e_r.

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Post Office Info

  • Version 1.8.3

  • Released May 17th, 2018

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Post Office Reviews

I used a $20 a month newsletter subscription service


2 years ago

Because I could not get Yuzoolthemes Register stack to work, by Then I found Post Office by Weavers space and finally had a FREE newsletter subscription and un-subscription form for SENDY. Ended up using Post Office by weavers space for a basic newsletter subscription entry field. Then upgraded to 1LD Notice stack which puts a top floating newsletter email subscription form at the top of the page, very handy!

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Post Office just works.

Commander Joy

5 years ago

This is the easiest way to set up integration with a (my fav) MailChimp account. Takes the worry out of the process by automating it with ease. Very useful!

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Best in class


6 years ago

Best email subscription manager stack out there. Nuff said.

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THE stack to build a mailing list


6 years ago

This is THE stack for building a mailing list. I tried several other solutions but this is by far the best I've come across. As with any stack which interacts with a database, you have to take a little care to get the settings right but once you do it just works.

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