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Become compliant with GDPR, ePR & CPPA, by allowing your website visitors to easily manage their privacy preferences.

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With the Privacy Center Stack installed on your site, there's no need to sign up and pay an external service, or download external scripts to manage your website privacy settings. You get full control of all the usual customisations associated with RapidWeaver stacks, as well as whole lot more.


  • Cookie Consent dialog with multiple layouts.
  • Privacy Settings dialog with customisable sections.
  • Keyboard and screen reader accessible (A11y).
  • Easily manage all of your external scripts.
  • Conditionally load content based on privacy settings.
  • Google Tag Manager Consent mode integration.
  • Manage GDPR, ePR & CCPA compliance.
  • Unlimited styles, fonts and colors, including Dark Mode.
  • Multilingual mode with unlimited languages.
  • Log cookie consent to a local log file.
  • CMS Compatible.


Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent modal currently comes in three flavours and can used be with a single language, or in Multilingual Mode. The language button is optional and allows the visitor to change languages manually.

Choose to display the Cookie Notice based on the visitors location, such as GDPR countries, or show to all countries.

Edit the titles, text and aria labels, and customise all colors, fonts, borders and shadows to match your website. The modal location can be moved around or set as a top or bottom banner.

The Cookie Consent modal is fully accessible and locks the visitor inside the modal until an action is performed.

Privacy Settings

This dialog can be opened either from the Cookie Consent dialog, or from a link or button on your web pages. Here your visitors can see the different categories of cookies that are used, and make a choice to either enable or disable them.

A unique feature of the Privacy Center is that visitors who change their consent preferences later on can delete cookies from within the Privacy Settings dialog.

All titles, text, and aria labels are fully editable, as well as complete control over the colors, fonts, and overall style of the modal.

Privacy Conditional Stack

Privacy Center comes with a Privacy Conditional Stack which lets you load content based on the visitors privacy preferences. An example of this is the embedded YouTube video on this page.

Google Tag Manager Consent Mode

If you use Google Tag Manager to load your Google Analytics or Google Ads, we've got you covered. Privacy Center takes care of getting user consent and letting GTM know whether or not consent has been granted. Only if the user consents will GTM store cookies in the browser.

Log Consent Preferences

If logging is enabled, you can log consent and preference changes to a local log file. Visitors who reject all cookies will not be logged.


A lot of work went into making sure that the Cookie Consent and Privacy Settings Stacks are screen reader and keyboard accessible. When the Cookie Consent dialog opens, focus remains within the modal until the user performs an action. Almost all 3rd party privacy services have failed to implement this important feature in their popup modals.

Multilingual Mode

In multilingual mode, you can add as many languages as are required for your customer base. Language will be detected and switch automatically, but your visitors can also switch languages themselves by selecting from the accessible list.


Privacy Center is compatible with multiple font sources including Google Fonts and Font Pro. Additionally, if you use Easy/Total CMS*, you can change titles, text and aria labels from within your admin pages.

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Privacy Center Info

  • Version 1.0.4

  • Released Aug 03rd, 2021

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Privacy Center Reviews

Be compliant in style - amazing stack!!

Hamilton Sargent

9 months ago

When it comes to GDPR compliance - look no further! This stack has it all - it’s easy to use, customisable, looks super professional and is an all round powerhouse. Really impressed with this and the support has been top notch. Well worth the money and couldn’t recommend it more.

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A really fantastic piece of work!

James Souttar

1 year ago

There are things in webdesign that are fun to do and there are things we have to do — SEO, Privacy, Accessibility — which can feel like hard work. Privacy Center takes away the pain of privacy compliance: it‘s a really thorough, thought-through solution for all of the various regulations we need to comply with (and it has accessibility built-in). Customisation options are so extensive that you can style every element in daytime and dark-mode (whatever your site design, you can make Privacy Center look like a natural part of it). There is model text for all dialogs which is so on-point it could have been written by a lawyer (and it can all be edited, too). The combination of in-depth thoroughness and easy of implementation is really impressive, too, given that most stacks seem to go one way or the other. And it‘s robust: it doesn‘t break in complex pages with lots of other functionality. I can‘t recommend it highly enough!

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