The original image and video gallery stack for RapidWeaver. A gallery made by professionals, for professionals! Create immersive brilliance.

Will Woodgate
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ProGallery came to the market with the aim of replacing several older gallery page plugins. Our criteria was to create an infinity customisable thumbnail grid gallery, paired-up to a powerful lightbox effect. Therefore giving creative professionals everything needed to design and deploy incredible galleries to immerse and captivate.

We have been careful to avoid the problem of ProGallery becoming a "one trick pony" stack! ProGallery has been engineered to accept images and video from a choice of different locations. It is certainly feasible to mix both images and video in the same gallery; with the added flexibility of being able to retrieve them from different locations. A true digital portfolio.

Multiple thumbnail grid layouts are offered; including uniform grids, columns, vertical lists and zig-zag arrangements of images. The optional lightbox can be customised to seamlessly match your existing theme or corporate branding. If no lightbox is needed, this is easily switched-off with a single checkbox option.

Titles and captions can often be a vital part of presenting your images or video. Taking this into careful consideration, ProGallery has a wide choice of options for presenting this written content. This includes the written content amongst the thumbnails and also within the optional lightbox.

One of the most noteworthy features of ProGallery is its ease of setup. This is essentially just one single stack dragged-and-dropped into a page. All the available settings are neatly presented and grouped together with informational tooltips. This gives you the power to create truly compelling web galleries, in less time and cost.

Please download and try the free demo version of ProGallery.

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ProGallery Info

  • Version 3.2.0

  • Released Jan 26th, 2022

  • Will Woodgate
  • ProGallery Support
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ProGallery Reviews

Works Flawlessly with minimal setup


1 year ago

None of the available gallery stacks for Rapidweaver are exactly my style or my preferred aesthetic for displaying my images. They all have things I don’t like about them. Including ProGallery. But this is the most well designed, coded and well thought out gallery by far. It works. And it’s very easy to get it to work. Will Woodgate is rather brilliant in his web design and you can rest assured this gallery is going to work across all browsers and into the future. It’s also the only gallery that does not put buttons on top of your images! What are all these designers thinking sticking previous/next arrows on my photographs? Unbelievable. I made a website for my sister’s design company and used this gallery and it works great.

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