New In Version 1.1

Enhancements and Additions for full compatibility with the Pulse CMS Stacks Version 1.1.3 by inStacks:

  • Renamed "Depot" to "Delivery"
  • Added new "Banner and Section" stack
  • Added new "Styler" stack
  • Added new "Feed" stack
  • Added new "eCommerce" stack
  • Refined layout
  • More detailed notes
  • Updated demo "content" folder

The essential starter package

Pre-configured to run with the fantastic Tesla theme which comes bundled with RapidWeaver. No need to invest in a 3rd-party theme or to fiddle with "blank" themes and complicated or expensive 3rd-party stacks.

Use this RapidWeaver project file and the enclosed folder of demo-content as a solid foundation to start with Pulse CMS. So you can focus more on the content and design of your site – and less the underlying technique.

See most of the Pulse CMS Stacks in action, pre-configured and with actual content to play with and modify.

Minimum requirements:

  • RapidWeaver 6 or 7
  • Stacks Plugin v3.1
  • Pulse CMS Stacks
  • A licensed and working version of Pulse CMS 4.x,
  • installed in a subfolder of your server root
  • A web server running at least PHP 5.3 (PHP 5.6 or 7 recommended)

What you get:

  • Project file for RapidWeaver 6 and 7 (using the RW stock-theme "Tesla")
  • Pre-populated content folder for Pulse CMS v.4.x (Pulse CMS not included)
  • Link to a dedicated web-page with instructions regarding Pulse installation / configuration and Pulse CMS stacks integration
  • Coupon code for a 20% discount on the Gallery 3 stack by inStacks

Addon Details

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Rapid Starter

Rapid Starter is a RapidWeaver Developer with 1 addons.



1 year ago

Pulse Starter is good Intro to Pulse CMS :-)

With some guidance from Matthias i soon got this Demo Project up and running in my Root folder, i was then amazed that it still functioned correctly when i moved it to a Sub-Folder @ I needed the Root folder for my current project. I havent got a use for CMS at the moment, but i am happy i have a working project to fall back on when i need it.


inStacks Software

1 year ago

Quick jump into Pulse CMS

If you want a quick jump into Pulse CMS, check out this awesome project by Matthias, a long time Pulse CMS professional. Every Pulse CMS Stack feature is included in this project, and the documentation will help you to get up to speed.