A very fast and slick project for almost every application. Are you selling software? Shoes? Books? The possibilities are endless. StartUP comes with a very clean layout and is very easy to edit. Only very basic stacks for RapidWeaver are required. Add your own stacks to this project and enhance the site with new features.


  • RapidWeaver v7.1+ · Realmacsoftware
  • Foundation Starter · Joe Workman
  • Stacks 3 · Yourhead
  • Header Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Paragraph Pro · BigWhiteDuck
  • Sections ProV2 · BigWhiteDuck
  • Pin · BigWhiteDuck
  • PulseCMS · pulsecms.com
  • PulseCMS Stack · InStacks

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Jochen Abitz Webdesign

Jochen Abitz Webdesign is a RapidWeaver Developer with 13 addons.



1 year ago

Clean and hassle free

The StartUP project by Jochen is a really clean and easy theme to work with. Pick and choose the elements you want on your site. Partials are already set up so just change the text and images to suit and your right to go. Extra thanks to Jochen who helped with some custom code to modify an element that i wanted changed.

Cheers for your ears.