PR4 is a complete website solution using RapidWeaver with Foundation Stacks.

This project uses the recently released new SectionsPro and the incredible SectionsBox stack set. Within PR4 are several example of animations composed of multi animated elements all made possible with Sections. Never before have these type of layouts been possible using RapidWeaver. Section based animation and positioning needs understanding and time spent to fully realise these type of layouts, so we have already done the work for you. Just add your text or image content or copy and paste these layouts into your designs.

This project also uses a unique navigation using TopBar but is split into 2 halves with a central positioned central logo that overhangs the navigation bar, yet slides out, almost out of view when the page scrolls. This is also possible with the mobile sized TopBar to overhang the mobile navigation area. PR4 has been designed to be CMS or Blog Ready - to allow easy insertion of your CMS or Blog of choice if you need to. E.g. By swapping out the "Blog" content with your PulseCMS or TotalCMS macro a blog can be setup and match the rest of the site. Similarly adding CMS content can be just as easy. As with all of the Webdeersign Projects & Templates, there is:

  • An additional Font Example page to assist choosing the best of Google Fonts - also FontPro ready
  • All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a warehouse folder
  • Documentation inside project file
  • Includes complete PADDY stack suite

See full details at Check out the demo at

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