Template1 is a simplified version of our Project1 that does NOT require Foundation Stacks. Only freely available "donation ware" stacks and a free blank theme are required.

Template 1 is a single page style design that includes most of the current web design trends. It has Flat graphics, large bold scaled text, transparent BG's, fixed BGs, clean design and minimal navigation.

  • A single page Template with multiple modular configurations laid out in 2 demo page with navigation
  • Additional Full Screen version
  • Additional Starter Page included for building your own design
  • Only Stacks3 and free stacks & theme required
  • All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a warehouse folder
  • Advanced techniques are all documented
  • Learn how to configure Sections Pro, HeaderPro & ParagraphPro
  • Includes complete PADDY stack suite

Live demos at: http://webdeersign.com/templates/tp1demo1/ http://webdeersign.com/templates/tp1demo1/tp1demo2/

Video - Template1 Demo 1 https://youtu.be/Q54rFIkg5Bc

Video - Template1 Demo 2 https://youtu.be/nXEBL3TX4ZM

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