New In Version 102

Updated version 2 with new layouts and design refresh. Template3 now uses the Blankstrap Bootstrap4 free theme from inStacks and this new version has auto generated navigation that can be added to every page.

This Template does not need a framework of stacks such as Foundation or Foundry stacks and only needs Stacks with free stacks. However, the Template will also work perfectly in Foundation or Foundry.

A unique layout project file that can create any layout that can include animations and position of image and text within each block.

Very versatile layout design that will scale beautifully and can be tuned for all device screen sizes.

  • A multi page "Edge to Edge" Template with a main single long page that acts as navigation to 4 sub pages
  • Super adjustable grid using any number of colums in each row
  • The "Grid" layout is ideal to provide blocks of navigation to product or services pages
  • Additional Font & Text demo page included to help choose Google Fonts
  • TotalCMS & FontPro ready - all text uses Vaults
  • Only Stacks3 and free stacks & theme required
  • Foundation stacks NOT required
  • All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a warehouse folder
  • Easy to alter & customise using included full documentation
  • Learn how to configure Sections Pro
  • Includes full PADDY stack suite

Live demo at

Video - Template 3 demo

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