Protect will add three layers of protection to your stack, preventing drag & drop for both images and text.

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Protect will add three layers of protection to your stack, drag n' drop, right-click and select. What's best is that it works with both images and text. Simple to use, just drag n' drop images or text stacks into Protect, we may also enable or disable the functions on the fly for each stack used.

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Protect Info

  • Version 1.02

  • Released Mar 25th, 2017

  • Archetypon
  • Protect Support
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Protect Reviews

Very useful stack, easy to configure


1 year ago

Is there a way to extend the stack protection to all elements in a website (i.e. to non-Stacks pages as well)?

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I can totally recommend this stack, great little stack


4 years ago

Useful little stack based in Bootstrap. Protect your images and text on first intention. Only thing missing is an one pager function so one stack on a page would protect the all page content... it looks like this will be a feature on a future update. This will be a great improvement and place this stack on a good position on the RW stack ladder. I can recommend this stack, features still to come (updates). Specially useful to protect text content (disable right click, selection), no more copy/ paste. Great little stack!!

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