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Pulse 5 is a fast, reliable and easy to CMS use for web designers and your clients. Pulse Stack 5 lets you integrate Pulse into RapidWeaver

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Pulse 5 is a lightning fast, reliable and easy to use CMS (Content Management) system for web designers and your clients. There's no database needed to power this CMS, it is flat-file, so no database to install or setup.

Pulse Stack 5 lets you integrate Pulse 5 into RapidWeaver. Improvements from Pulse CMS Stack 4 integration:

  • Full page import! Just import whole Pulse pages directly into RapidWeaver.
  • Usage of pure pulse tags. Reuse the {{tag}} notation you know from Pulse directly on RapidWeaver pages.
  • Complete rewrite for a more tight integration than before.

Here is a list what you are able to build with Pulse Stack 5:

  • A full featured blog with inbuilt gallery and features image support
  • Social share icons
  • Blocks import, which include texts from famous Redactor editor, including drag and drop image support
  • Localizeable content for multi language support
  • Contact and newsletter sign-up forms
  • Different photo galleries and sliders, image and banner import
  • Gallery Stack 3 integration
  • Media player for audio and video files
  • File download area
  • Google Maps
  • Password secured pages
  • and much more...

Minimum Prerequisites:

  • Pulse 5 is not included with Pulse Stack 5 and must be purchased separately, see http://pulsecms.com
  • Pulse 5 must be installed into a root subfolder /pulse
  • The RapidWeaver project must be installed in the root folder
  • RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks Plugin 3.5
  • PHP 7

More info: http://instacks.com/pulsecmsstack/

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Pulse CMS Stack Info

  • Version 5.1.0

  • Released Jun 19th, 2018

  • inStacks Software
  • Pulse CMS Stack Support
  • Version History

Pulse CMS Stack Reviews

My goto CMS for Rapidweaver

Raimo Karhunen

4 years ago

Pulse CMS has become my CMS of choice for Rapidweaver, and these stacks make the magic happen! I have about 50 Rapidweaver websites I am trying to move over to a CMS this year, and several new websites I am building that I want to go directly to a CMS. I am heavily invested in the Rapidweaver ecosystem (100's of stacks, a ton of themes, etc.) and am trying to use that as my "starting point" for everything, so I don't have to start fresh with new software, or "website building" systems.

Pricing alone is a huge motivator here. If I were to use "Total CMS" for example to move 50 websites, it would cost $5000... let alone the license fees for any new websites. This Pulse CMS stack set is free - single site licenses are only $39, and "unlimited" use licenses through the new "Pulse Cloud" are only $16/month, and it is as powerful (if not more so!) than any CMS system available for Rapidweaver, with lots of goodies coming!

Highly recommended! Give it a shot!

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Brilliant CMS option for Rapidweaver!


4 years ago

Pulse CMS is a great solution by itself but with the Pulse CMS stack, it's even better! Allowing me to integrate a full-fledged CMS into any Rapidweaver project is just incredible. Create sites for your clients that they can easily edit without requiring access to the Rapidweaver project file.

If you develop websites for clients, you have to check this out!

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An amazing integration

Michael Frankland

4 years ago

Jannis from inStacks has done a great job bringing this integration to RapidWeaver.

It merges together the power of Pulse CMS and simplicity of RapidWeaver into one neat package. Use it with any theme, add pages with your favourite Stacks and there's no need to worry about making any changes to run it with any of the RapidWeaver framework themes or project templates.

It includes a one-click install option, with a downloadable RapidWeaver project with Pulse already included, and there are more and more Stacks added to the suite all the time.

This is a great integration and it wouldn't have been possible without Jannis' skills and hard work.

Go and get the Pulse CMS Stacks suite and start editing your RapidWeaver made sites online!

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The power to manage, to change and to fascinate…


4 years ago

… all this and many more powers are lying within this little but mighty CMS. I've never seen a CMS which is that easy to set up and the same can be said about the Stacks Suite.

Its not just fun to work with it, its also fun to watch the final website. Pulse loads its content extremely fast and you will notice no difference compared to 'normal' content.

But the biggest Plus for it is that it's really easy to use on multilingual sites utilizing the RWML Stacks by Tsooj Media. I've written an tutorial on how to do this which is available at http://pulse.noridge.de/sites/tutorial.php

You really should give Pulse a try and I promise, you will fall in love with it ;)

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A super quick & easy way to get a great Blog & CMS going


4 years ago

The Pulse stacks suite enable you to use the PulseCMS system which gives you a full featured blog, CMS images and CMS text Blocks anywhere on a site, a configurable contact form, a newsletter sign-up, a backup facility, a CMS configurable Slider and a CMS Gallery. PulseCMS also provides CMS control of the full featured Gallery3 also from Instacks making this a very complete solution all available from one developer.

The biggest advantage of the Instacks - PulseCMS solution is the simplicity of setting it all up which I outline inside my own PulseCMS Blog at http://www.webdeersign.com/blogpost/?blog=22&title=Migrating-a-blog-to-PulseCMS-with-RapidWeaver .

The Blog is about as easy to style using CSS as it gets, because all of the styling CSS is laid out in easy to read small files all inside a single folder.

The Instacks Pulse stacks have very few settings to configure making this the easiest Blog & CMS system available for RapidWeaver today. PulseCMS has over 4000 blogs worldwide making it a mature and established blog and CMS platform. There is nothing else available that offered such ease of use wit these features for such a small outlay. Highly recommended.

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Another CMS option for RapidWeaver is "back on stage" ... and it's been worth the wait!

WOLF websolutions

4 years ago

I've already done a lot of client-sites using the old version 3.x of Pulse CMS. Unfortunately version 4 brought some essential changes to this system, in a way that it couldn't be used with RapidWeaver anymore the way it has been possible before: by simply adding short code-snippets to the areas in the RapidWeaver site which should be editable via the CMS.

But thanks to these new Pulse CMS stacks it's now possible again to use this nice CMS system together with RapidWeaver and I couldn't be happier to have this solid system back again as a CMS option for RapidWeaver.

With Pulse CMS you get editable Text-'Blocks' and a Blog with "Read more" feature (both editable inside a WYSIWYG text editor), Single Images, Galleries and Sliders where the images can be sorted via drag and drop(!), an automated Backup feature for the CMS content and an admin area which is password-protected out of the box.

The "icing on the cake" is the smooth integration with inStacks Gallery 3 Stack for Slideshows, Galleries and Blog-Post Galleries.

In my eyes, the combination of the Pulse CMS system and Jannis' free Stacks is a winner and I'm looking forward to using it on one of my next client sites.

I've installed Pulse CMS - together with other CMS options for RapidWeaver - on my own demo site, so that you can have a look at it: http://www.fichtmedia.de/rwcms/pulse/

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