Quantum Edge Module Pack containing 5 pages of preconfigured responsive drag and drop modules complete with scroll effects and animations.

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QUBIT is a Quantum Edge Module Pack containing 5 pages of preconfigured and fully-responsive designer modules, packed with highly detailed features, multi-functional panel, section, and card modules, replete with pre-configured effects and animations.

The main benefit of these modules is the amount of time they will save you in creating stylish websites where your content really stands out. Clients will love you for it, and also for giving them such affordable quality fast.

Highly Versatile

Every element and child stack in every module can be easily copy and pasted, mixed and matched with every other module in the whole Quantum Edge — and even Duck Soup — collection. This is a huge feature that will truly accelerate your workflow. It also means almost endless possibilites and drag-and-drop instant style and sophistication.


Do you have pre-sales questions or would like to find out more? Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. Want to learn how to use and make the most of our modules? Find out more about our free live Support sessions every Wednesday at 5.00pm GMT.

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Qubit Info

  • Version 1

  • Released Nov 02nd, 2018

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