RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks

Build customized, fully functional, responsive product pages with RapidCart Pro Stacks.

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##Build customized, fully functional, responsive product pages with RapidCart Pro Stacks.## RapidCart Pro Stacks are a set of tools useful to extend RapidCart Pro features in other Stacks pages.

Store Stack Embed your RapidCart Pro page into a Stacks page and build stunning store websites with powerful themes like Foundation and UIkit.

Cart Stack

Cart stack is used to place a cart button in your page. Cart button shows automatically updated cart total and once clicked redirects your customers directly to cart section.

** Grid Stack**

A grid is a multi-column set of products, which is automatically populated using the Filter By and Sort By stack controls. You can choose to display here products related to a specific tag, category or keyword and have them sorted by date, name or price. Customers can click on a product to get redirected to product page.

Product Stack

This stacks allows to build a fully functional custom product page, combining together the different parts that make a RapidCart Pro product page.

A product stack can be configured to display any parts of a product page to let you build completely customized product pages.

RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks are included in RapidCart Pro 4.

RapidCart Pro 4 plugin is required.

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RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks Info

  • Version 4.16.0

  • Released Feb 17th, 2020

  • Foreground
  • RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks Support
  • Version History

RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks Reviews

excellent customer service


5 years ago

I like Rapid Cart Pro 4 a lot because it is easy to use and offers lots of possibilities . I had a few problems/questions and all of these were solved/answered very quick and accurate.

Big thanks to all people behind Rapid cart !!

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World Class Customer Service!


5 years ago

I am the founder of a business that is a strong proponent of, and have a deep appreciation for other companies that deliver excellent customer service.

I've received outstanding customer service/support from such companies as the Ritz-Carlton, of which I was so impressed, that I wrote a letter directly to the president of Ritz-Carlton to thank him for his company's incredible level of service that they had offered one of my guests and I during an event that I had at their Dana Point, CA location. The story of what they did for one of my quests and I was absolutely unbelievable and amazing!

Additionally, Apple is another company that has always offered me top notch customer service as well. On one occasion, I had dropped off my computer at one of Apple's store locations for an estimate of repairs. The next day an Apple service representative called me to come pick up my computer and when I arrived, he handed me an invoice that read that the motherboard was replaced at a cost of $1,300. My first thought was that, I hadn't yet approved this repair. I initially brought the computer into the Apple store to find out what was wrong with it and to get an estimate for the repairs. But, when I examined the invoice further, I discovered that my cost was $0! Apple fixed my computer at their own expense as a courtesy. Wow! I was super impressed.

I'm commenting about my experiences with the aforementioned companies because I put Foreground's Gilberto De Faveri and Roberto Tremonti in the same category of delivering Excellent Customer Service. These two gentlemen have responded to my many requests for assistance in setting up my RapidCart Pro 4 software both expertly and expeditiously... and this was with the trial version! The RapidCart Pro platform is fantastic. I love it! But, one of the deciding factors in purchasing the software is the level of customer service that I received from Foreground's tech support.

I've dealt with many online support personnel and I've rarely experienced the level of support that I've received from Gilberto and Roberto. If you're currently on the fence about purchasing RapidCart 4 due to a lack of technical expertise, believe me when I say that Gilberto and Roberto are two of the very best in online tech support. I appreciate their assistance immensely. They will definitely have you up and running your RapidCart software in no time.

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Looks great


6 years ago

Too bad there are at this moment no payments possible with Ideal

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