The easiest way to add a Google custom search to your RapidWeaver websites, powered by the world's number 1 search engine.

Will Woodgate
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The original search addon for RapidWeaver. First developed back in 2007, RapidSearch is the easiest way of adding a convenient Google custom search to any RapidWeaver website big or small.

No techie stuff like PHP, MySQL databases or complicated software installs are required. No ugly iFrames or messy code to ruin your website appearance. Just everything you need in a single drag-and-drop stack.

Simply register a new custom search with Google (the easy-to-follow instructions are shown on the website), drop a RapidSearch stack into your page, fill-in the required details and publish. Seriously, that's all there is to do!

RapidSearch uses the full power of the Google search engine. Each time Google indexes your website, it updates the search results automatically. So this is very-much a search solution you can setup once and forget about.

Unlike some other search plugins for RapidWeaver, RapidSearch works over your entire website; including blogs, e-commerce pages, file downloads and albums. You can configure RapidSearch to search up-to 5 separate websites or subdomains from within the same stack. RapidSearch provides safe search filters for both web and image searches. Anything you've password protected will remain strictly hidden.

RapidSearch is responsive and works in all major web browsers and devices. Plus you can be assured of this stack working reliably in all popular RapidWeaver themes and with different frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation and UIKit.

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RapidSearch Info

  • Version 6.0.0

  • Released Mar 07th, 2017

  • Will Woodgate
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