A phenomenally flexible framework for developing fast and highly accessible websites that can boast the best in modern web design techniques

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This is not another blank theme framework! RWSkinz is an entirely different approach for novice users and experts-alike, to construct high quality websites in RapidWeaver.

RWSkinz works much the same as any other conventional RapidWeaver theme, so it bodes well with how RapidWeaver has always been intended to be used. Support is offered for all page types. This theme starts you on a level footing with a selection of basic page components already displayed and the makings of a website that is already good enough to publish online 'as is'.

Within the theme style settings, you can easily toggle the display of different page components on and off; if you want to accomplish things like changing the positioning of a navigation bar or display a sidebar. A custom banner image is easily added through the RapidWeaver banner drop-zone. Choose from over 120 embedded font faces for your written content. Within a few minutes, you can easily create a distinctive page design.

Free Bootstrap 'skins' can be downloaded from websites like in CSS format and offer the ability to instantly change the colour scheme, fonts and other style aspects within a matter of seconds. Alternatively you can whip-open the RWSkinz style settings and have-a-go at rolling your own simple skin. Or head to a website like Bootstrap Build to use the same tools the experts use to generate bespoke Bootstrap 4 skins.

Need more layout freedom? You can continue to turn-off the page components you do not need and build webpages yourself with Stacks. Complimentary free stacks provided with RWSkinz like Bootiful, Intrinsic, Gator, Maisonette, Topper and Sectional will leave you giddy with excitement; when you discover the enormous creative possibilities these stacks offer.

How about the impossible task of importing a complete, existing Bootstrap 4 theme with all its HTML, CSS, Javascript, images and other files into RapidWeaver? That is certainly a possibility using RWSkinz too. A brilliant solution if you already have a little HTML knowledge and want to create some of the most incredible webpage designs possible. Themes like the ones offered on Start Bootstrap can be sliced and imported into RWSkinz.

So what you can begin to see here is RWSkinz can be used in several different ways. All the time, it puts a lot of emphasis on creating completed webpage designs that not only look highly-polished on the surface; but which promote the best web accessibility standards, better print output, valid HTML, superb responsive behaviour and faster webpage loading. All critical attributes that any modern website should have.

Every website is unique. Therefore we feel it is vitally important the framework itself is flexible enough to handle different constructional methods. Additionally many RapidWeaver users have different skill levels and prior experience of building websites - so again we want to offer something here that anybody can quickly settle into using and create designs to be proud of.

Not only are you buying a quality addon for RapidWeaver that you can potentially use for many websites, but you are also getting access to some of the best technical support tailored to your exact requirements. Fast and friendly answers are available to any questions you have, including topics like customisation (which some other companies tend to shy away from). Help is even available with importing existing Bootstrap themes too.

At its heart, RWSkinz was developed by a small UK-based web design agency for use in real projects private clients were paying for. This is not just an addon stuck on the marketplace to make some quick cash! This is a serious design tool made by experts, for experts.

Please download and try the free demo version today, from the RWSkinz product page.

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