Screens is a suite of stacks that allow you to build beautiful and dynamic full page websites.

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Screens is a suite of stacks that allow you to build beautiful and dynamic full page websites. These work wonderfully for one page websites. However, Screens could also be used to accentuate your existing website as well. Screens works with open themes. We recommend that you use it with our free Foundation theme in order to acheive its full potential.

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Screens Info

  • Version 1.1.7

  • Released Feb 11th, 2016

  • Weaver's Space
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Screens Reviews

Great addition


5 years ago

I went a bit crazy with the recent sale Joe had and purchased all kinds of stuff. I'm new to this whole RW thing so with the sale he had I bought stuff and I wasn't even sure what it did. I like the idea of the full screen site and now I have a way to make it great.

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Easy to use and makes beautiful sites.

Jonathan Spencer

6 years ago

I wish Joe would stop making such great stacks as it is costing me a fortune! Seriously, he makes the best add ons for Rapidweaver and produces them at a phenomenal rate! Screens is so easy to use compared to other similar one page themes. Highly recommended but get your cheque book out as his stacks are addictive!

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Thank you Joe


6 years ago

Screens and foundation are a game changer. No more restrictions. I was blown away by foundation on its own. But then screens came along. The combination is more than the sum of its parts.

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Brandon Corlett

6 years ago

Joe Workman changed the Rapidweaver game just under a year ago when he released Foundation for Rapidweaver. Since then we have seen countless sites adapting this new mobile first theme that has put the right tools into the hands of designers to help them build beautiful custom designed sites.

With the release of Screens I think it is safe to say that Joe Workman and his team have done it again. Screens will change the way you look at the designing of a site.

As always I am happy to answer any questions about this amazing set of stacks.

oh, and if you haven't yet joined the google+ group then come on over for a great experience with some amazing people.

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The Ultimate stack set for one page scrolling websites


6 years ago

A set of stacks to allow you to create awesome one page websites that just work on all devices, with great menus, with up and down and sideways scrolling.

Excellent set of stacks for your toolbox.

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Mark Spaulding

6 years ago

Screens and Foundation stacks make the most AWESOME combination I have found to date! It has allowed to me to find the exact look and feel to the home page and perfectly match a fantastic Elixir theme I used for the rest of the site. The combined power of Screens and Foundation is simply stunning. You literally can create anything in your imagination. Combine this with Joe's outstanding support and timely updates, a winning combination! Highest recommendation!

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