Searcher2 allows visitors to search across your site using automated custom selection lists and user-selected content is then dynamically displayed.

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##Search & Display Content## Searcher2 allows visitors to search for and show content that interests them.  It provides a powerful and easy to use search box, capable of searching across your Entire site, auto-generated selection lists with search terms displayed individually, smooth animation, initial hidden content option, content link buttons to take viewers to the referring pages and the ability to place the controller & searchable content anywhere on pages and more.  Searcher2 is ready for Stacks 2+ and Stacks 3+.<br /> <br /> Searcher2 is available today on our Shop page & be sure to check out the free demo to experience all the search options available.<br /> ####<i>What will your visitors search for today?</i>####

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Searcher2 Info

  • Version 2.2.0

  • Released Apr 20th, 2015

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