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One of our ever-popular stack elements for RapidWeaver, designed and developed by seyDesign to help you add extra functionality to your webpages.

Will Woodgate
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PrivateEyes is an amazing, simple-to-use, yet very powerful tool that lets you keep content and clutter under wraps—not just to the viewer but in the source code as well. This allows for many possibilities, including keeping your content private, making page loads more efficient, simplifying small site design and much more.

Using the power of PHP, PrivateEyes only makes its content available on demand through special URLs, unlike JavaScript which merely hides content that is still readily available in the source code. By rendering content on demand you can keep prying eyes off data you don't want seen. Or you can leverage this power to make single-page, dynamic websites, efficient galleries and more...

PrivateEyes is developed and maintained by Tom Bristol.

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