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Presenting your photos to the world has never been easier. Shutter provides you the tools to create unique thumbnail arrangements for your images, in layouts that even professional photographs will envy. In addition you can also create groups of photos that launch inside of a gorgeous lightbox.

Shutter is feature rich and easily customized for your photo gallery needs. Below we explore some of the Shutter stack's many features, as well as offer a walk-thru video.

Layout & Design

Shutter offers the most popular, sought after gallery layouts for your photos. Choose from a Grid, Justified, or Masonry layouts for your thumbnail arrangements. Don't need a thumbnail layout, but would rather opt of a single image that triggers a lightbox gallery? We've got you covered with Shutter's Group mode.

Thumbnail Styling

Dressing up your thumbnails layouts, no matter which layout you choose, can be styled with ease. You're able to adjust the rounded corners, as well as the image's border.

Overlays & Filters

Your thumbnails can have overlay styling applied to them. This is applied to thumbnails when your visitor hovers over them. You can adjust the overlay gradients colors, border, and even scale the image.

In addition to choosing your overlay styling for borders and gradient, you can also choose to apply multiple hover filters as well, including Blur, Grayscale, Sepia and Saturate filters.

Styling options galore!

Styling your thumbnail layouts for both normal images, as well as those hovered over by visitors, is extensive. We cover all of the settings in the documentation further down the page. Suffice to say we think you're going to have some of the most stylish galleries out there!

Advanced Lightbox

Whether you're using a thumbnail layout like our Justified arrangement or just using shutter's gorgeous Group mode, your images open up in stunning, easy to use lightbox galleries. And best of all you have the ability to customize and personalize the look and feel of the lightbox to your liking.

Video Embeds, too!

We know many people will want to use the Shutter galleries for both their photograph and videography. We've made it easy to create galleries of either type, as well as mix and match the two together in one gallery.

In addition to all of your amazing photographs, Shutter also allows you to build video galleries using Vimeo and / or YouTube embeds. You can have whole galleries devoted to your videos, or mix and match them with your photos as well. This is just another way Shutter gives you the versatility you need.

Much more!!

While we've touched on some highlights of the Shutter stack, there's a lot more to explore. On the propduct page we have several different samples to give you an idea of what can be achieved through very little effort with Shutter. We've also included a walk-thru video and documentation regarding each of the settings within the stack.

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  • Version 1.0.1

  • Released Jul 12th, 2021

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