A simple introductory cross-fade effect for your webpages.

Will Woodgate
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SoftLanding uses a cross-fade effect to transition between a welcome message / image and the main webpage content. It's great to use for temporary websites and landing pages.

The initial content shown as the page starts can comprise of either text or an image. Typically most users of this stack use it to display their company logo. This content is always centred both vertically and horizontally on the screen.

SoftLanding is quick and easy to setup. The product page provides detailed documentation on how to use this stack. This is a good stack to use with many of the ThemeFlood theme designs.

SoftLanding is provided as a free stack, but we kindly request a 'pay what you want' donation if you find it useful in your projects. All donations help greatly towards offsetting the development and support involved.

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