Source is a 'micro' framework for RapidWeaver that is modern, lightweight, fast and powerful.

Shaking the Habitual
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Yes - there is another new kid on the block! It's called 'Source' and it is a new lightweight CSS 'micro' framework for your RapidWever projects.

Why would you choose Source?

There are already some great frameworks available for RapidWeaver but there are a few reasons / scenarios where I think using Source might well appeal to you:

It's FREE!

That's right, it costs you nothing to get access to a framework that you can use to build great sites. Now, on top of having to buy RapidWeaver and the awesome Stacks plugin, you no longer need to also buy a framework before being able to build beautiful free form sites.

It's lightweight

Source uses only the bare minimum code to set up your sites - e.g. to set up your colours and your fonts etc. (If that is all that you are currently using the likes of Foundry or Foundation to do then you are adding a lot of unnecessary code and bloat to your sites!)

It's fast

Because it is lightweight, it operates really fast in Edit, Preview and Publish modes.

It's powerful

Source comes with its own small set of stacks which are enough to build amazing sites. (There is also a completely optional addon pack which lets you make even more amazing sites!)

It doesn't try to be all things to all people

Source is all about forming a base for your sites. It doesn't (and never will) include a Slider stack or a Gallery stack or an Accordion stack or a Tabs stack or a Contact Form stack etc etc. Source is there to let you use all of the great (non-framework dependant!) stacks that you no doubt already have in your collections!

It's easy to learn

The demo projects that are available are full of guidance about how to get the most out of Source. In addition you can get FREE ACCESS to a full video course on our Academy website (find out more).

So, they are the main reasons why I think Source is awesome (I've also written a blog post with a bit more detail if you are interested). Go give it a spin and let me know if you agree!

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Source Info

  • Version 2.4.0

  • Released Aug 12th, 2021

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Source Support
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Source Reviews

A great way to move away from Themes


4 months ago

As a hobbyist I've stuck with Themes for many years. That's all been well and good until you want to try and be more creative and not be tied in to what the Theme dev allowed you to do. Source appeared to give me that step up in flexibility I needed and even the free version did just that. I've now got the full Source add-ons pack and the support from Stuart the developer is both straightforward and prompt. With good video tutorials as well I highly recommend it.

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Source is amazing


4 months ago

It's amazingly easy to use, and so far, I haven't had any questions at all because everything is so well documented. My first choice! Highly recommended!

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Big Recommendation for Beginners (and everyone else)


4 months ago

The sheer number of stacks and various different frameworks asking for our attention (and money), make it confusing for any beginner entering the RW World (with stacks). I wish 'Source' would have been available, when I started several years back - not for business, but for fun.

'Source' allows you to grow as you gain experience - and you can even start for free, and only pay a little for the powerful add-on pack -but only once you actually understand what it is and that you need it.

For most other frameworks, you invest a significant amount of money upfront (and I am not saying it's not worth it) at a time when you barely know, what your decisions mean.

Despite 'Source' being called a micro-framework, it is 'more than 100%' sufficient to get started and be able to create wonderful and modern webpages. Stuart (the developer of Source) provides excellent support, has an extensive knowledge base around 'Source,' and also offers great demo projects and courses, where everyone can learn a lot.

While my review might sound like 'Source' is only being good for starters, quite the opposite is true. Once the basics of website creation have been absorbed, one can break all boundaries with a very affordable add-on pack, or stacks from other developers (as not every functionality must be contained in a framework).

I can only recommend 'Source' to everyone, especially beginners - there is no risk of losing anything, instead you will gain a wealth of knowledge and capabilities ... and you might never look back to other frameworks.

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Because some pages need to be small!


4 months ago

I love Source, it's really versatile. Some pages require a really really small footprint and Source is the way to do that.

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Source is the best Framework I've used in 15 years of RW


5 months ago

I love Source. I've used Foundation and just the basic RW stacks since 2003. Source is so much easier and quicker. And the design of the stacks is elegant.

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A framework simplified.


9 months ago

Source balances simplicity, flexibility and power in a framework that is enjoyable to use and gives results quickly.

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10 months ago

Source is an AMAZING framework. I have worked with many and, honestly, Source is unparalleled. Lightweight and fast but extremely powerful and versatile. Plus, the learning tools and support are best-in-class. Get Source...seriously!

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Great products & support


1 year ago

I have been very pleased with the RapidWeaver stacks, templates and training that I purchased from ! At one time I needed a little help with an issue I had and received a quick and accurate response that solved it.

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Very impressive framework

Trond Grøntoft

1 year ago

I have been using Source since it was introduced, and find it very easy to use. The number of included stacks is quite small, but they are very powerful and produce compact code. Highly recommended!

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Source - Excellent solution!!


1 year ago

Source has revolutionized how I built one of my sites. I'll be using it to rebuild my other sites. Stuart has been a great support

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So far I'm very impressed


1 year ago

Although I'm still exploring and learning the Source framework, so far I'm very impressed with the ease of use, the concise code and modern features. I hope to use Source for a new site in the near future.

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Blazing fast framework

WOLF websolutions

1 year ago

I have come to know "Source" as an incredibly fast, flexible and lightweight "framework" and can only recommend it to anyone who is willing to invest a little time to learn.

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A Game changer with great support


1 year ago

Great and easy to use software that provides you with a small footprint webpage.This is supported by brilliant and well setout video tutorials.

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I love the product & the team!


1 year ago

All works great with SOURCE and in SOURCE! Furthermore, if in need of help, you can always count on Stuart, who's kind, hyper reactive, end efficient.

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New to Rapid-Weaver


1 year ago

Exactly what I was looking for. Stuart is very helpful and his tutorials are excellent.

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Great learning experience and fantastic support


1 year ago

I have just finished the “Lawyer” course and I must say it was an extremely enjoyable journey thanks to Stuart and his support team over at the Shaking the Habitual community. Leading one from total darkness to a kindling of one own’s initiative to start out on each and everyone’s own unique journey of creativity. I wouldn’t say that I was totally oblivious to Rapidweaver per se, but it had been many years since I had touched it. “Source” gave me a chance to get back on track with a less daunting platform. When I didn’t quite get the gist of some idea being provided, I always had Stuart and the community to fall back on. A big thank you to the both of them. I can fully recommend this course, and any other offered by Stuart at “Shaking the Habitual”, to anyone who is thinking of trying something different, yet still within the umbrella of Rapidweaver. A big thank you once again.

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Great stuff - and great support


1 year ago

Source is really well architected and executed - and Stuart's support is great! Not only in the guise of his Academy, but his willingness to go beyond. I learned more, for example, about BWD's Limelight than I had understood independently. I feel like he is helping to raise the bar on the RW environment.

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Fun to use - just get it


1 year ago

If you don't have this in your RW arsenal, you should get it immediately. It' fun, fast and simple to use.

I really like this approach of giving you what you need to do what you want. You don't need the premium stack, but you should absolutely buy them.

The regular newsletters are informative and helpful too.

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Fast websites and fast support


1 year ago

I really like the Source framework. It’s a great starting point that works well with other stacks.

I must also state that the support from Stuart is first class.

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Beautifully Designed and thought through


1 year ago

I really enjoy building with Source. It can do A LOT with just a few stacks. I jumped in happily cos as the web gets more complicated/sophisticated, so do my headaches. Source is fantastic in this respect. Its a great place to begin, it's fast, it's well thought through. There are some really helpful tutorials which took me through the design process, form which I learned a great deal. If you are pondering where to start, I recommend Source. It's free to start with, and if you want to get into more design features, it's worth the €20 or so to get the add on pack.

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Neat, versatile and inexpensive

Rob Beattie

1 year ago

Unlike other frameworks which include numerous add-on stacks that you have to learn how to use, Source is designed to offer the bare bones of a site - navigation, responsive containers, grids/columns, headers, paragraphs, SVG images and Markdown - and then let you use your favourite stacks for things like sliders, tabbed panels, lightboxes, and so on. This makes it relatively quick to learn and very cheap to get started with. I'd recommend you buy the addon pack for $20.00 because the extra features in there are really worth it. In addition, it's perfectly possible to build a great-looking, responsive site using only Source and maybe a couple of other stacks. Very impressive.

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Blazing speed


2 years ago

I can't believe how fast Source is within RW 8 - its just brilliant. Needless to say I purchased the add on pack. Puts the speed of other frameworks to shame. Shaking the Habitual have done an amazing job. looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

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Top quality theme and stacks


2 years ago

As a website developer I cannot emphasize how much Source has helped me speed up developing websites. Everything is rock solid and easy to understand. I have converted my own old website to pure Source, actually I purchased the amazing "monochrome" project because I fell flat on my nose by the beauty of it :-) I have used the same project for a new website for myself that I am currently working on. Besides that I have two customer projects that I am also currently working on with my own design. It is a peace of cake with Source. The add on stacks are also a bargain.

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A breath of fresh air


2 years ago

If Source had been around when I first started with RW in 2016, I would have got it without hesitation and never used another framework. The addon stacks are well worth it too.

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