Source Workbook

A reference manual, set up guide and set of step-by-step tutorials to get the most out of RapidWeaver, Stacks and Source.

Shaking the Habitual
4 reviews

I am delighted to introduce to you to the Source Workbook. A whole new way to learn about using a framework to build websites with RapidWeaver and Stacks!

The Workbook is packed full of useful information including:

  • a full reference manual (every single setting in every Source stack is detailed!)
  • information about getting properly set up to start building web sites with RW/Stacks
  • numerous step-by-step tutorials and projects to learn about working with a framework

Early bird pricing

The Workbook is still being added to and I have a few more chapters that I want to add. It's already packed full of useful information though (in well over 100 pages) and so I am releasing it for an 'early bird' discounted price. All early birds will get every update as I add more content and more chapters.

Here are a list of the completed chapters:

  • Setup: Overview of setting up RapidWeaver, Stacks and Source for the best possible workflow
  • Source: Stacks and Settings: Detailed information about every Source stack and setting
  • Projects - Introduction and Setup: Introduction to how the projects work and the setting up of the 'styling' stacks that will be used
  • Projects 1 - Fundamentals: Introductory level projects and tutorials to learn the basics and key concepts

These chapters are in development / planned:

  • Projects 2 - Advanced layouts: Medium level projects and tutorials to look mainly at using our powerful Grid Plus stacks
  • Projects 3 - Coder and CSS: Advanced level projects and tutorials to take more control of the design and coding yourself
  • Going beyond the design: A look at optimisations we can make for better performance and SEO
  • Making the site live: Information about getting your site published and available
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Source Workbook Info

  • Version 1.0

  • Released Aug 16th, 2021

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Source Workbook Support
  • Version History

Source Workbook Reviews

Source Workbook for everybody


7 months ago

A great deal of time and effort has been put into producing the Source Workbook. It is clearly laid out with interactive chapter headings so that you can go straight to the subject matter. Many opportunities to work through examples.

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Source Workbook is a Godsend!


7 months ago

This workbook is a godsend for anyone using the Source framework. The quality of the information provided is amazing.

Sure wish I had this book in hand when I first started using Source, getting it now has made a huge difference. GREAT!

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Source and Workbook is almost a total RW solution


7 months ago

Simply an outstanding product in the Source framework, synergised by Stuart's easy style of writing and clear, lucid explanations in The Workbook of the stacks' parameters in his product. The tutorials are first-class.

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Source Workbook is terrific


7 months ago

As a long time Rapidweaver user I find that the Source Workbook and the education from the Source Academy to be the best resource from Rapidweaver that is available.

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