A suite of 3 powerful stacks designed for responsive image delivery: Srcerer (Sizes), Srcerer (Art Direction) and Srcerer (Single)

Shaking the Habitual
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Srcerer’s key function is for responsive image delivery. Srcerer ships with 3 full image stacks - each focussed on particular needs / challenges that arise when designing for the modern web.

Srcerer (Sizes)

This stack allows you to link up to 8 different-sized versions of an image and produces code that lets the browser select the most appropriate size for whatever device / screen the image is being viewed on (you can even tell Srcerer stack how an image is used on the page for even better results). This is huge for speed and SEO!

Srcerer (Art Direction)

This stack enables you to add up to 4 different versions of an image and determine at what breakpoints each should be used. This means that you can create different sizes, different crops, different focal points, different aspect ratios (etc etc) for different devices. Now you, as a designer, have complete control over how your artwork / images appear on all screens.

Srcerer (Single)

This stack acts just like a regular image stack but gives you quick and easy access to all of the Srcerer extras (see below). It is perfect for use with images where there is less need for different versions to be displayed at different breakpoints.

Srcerer 'Extras'

Srcerer stacks also allow you to make your images look amazing! You can:

  • Create Banner / Hero images using ‘Cover’ mode
  • Add content on top of your image (in one of 6 preset positions)
  • Add content beneath the image (i.e. a caption)
  • Use any stack(s) as content
  • Make the image a link
  • Create beautiful looking ‘cards’
  • Add hover effects
  • Add a parallax effect
  • Use blending modes

Also available as part of our bundle deal. See website for details.

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Srcerer Info

  • Version 1.1.0

  • Released Nov 16th, 2018

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Srcerer Support
  • Version History

Srcerer Reviews



2 years ago

To my knowledge, there's nothing like Stuart's Srcerer stack available on the market today and it's fantastic; the most useful and responsive image delivery stack I've found. Other reviewers mentioned its value with hero banners and they're right, but its uses span a far broader range of image applications. Stuart's support is excellent, timely, and kept me on track; highly recommend this stack. One of my favorites.

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Einfach Gute Seiten

2 years ago

Not only the stack is what I have been looking for in a Banner stack - the support is quick and to the point. Priceless!

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Brilliant. Seriously.


2 years ago

One of the most maddening things about using big hero-style banners, is the unpredictable cropping at different breakpoints. Another is trying to maintain a layout when that happens.

Srcerer solves both, brilliantly. Now I can create a version of my banner for any size screen, cropped and laid out exactly as I want, and it looks perfect.

I created an Affinity Design workspace with artboards for each breakpoint width. Super easy to lay out and export each one, then let Srcrer show the right banner at the right size.

Srcrer is packed with features, including parallax and overlaying stack content. It may look intimidating in the settings pane, but it’s intuitive and worth the learning curve.

It earned a spot in my Favorites group the first time I used it. Very highly recommended.

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2 years ago

Like the other stacks I have from this Developer, Srcerer is fantastic. I very much appreciate Stuart's work and his efficiency in answering a question.

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2 years ago

At first I wasn't understanding the setup process. Too often I read thru things too quickly. But Stuart answered my questions quickly and simply. The image heavy test site I tried this on truly appears to load noticeably quickly. Stack works as described A+, customer service A+

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