Countless switch button styles, mix and match to get the custom feel you need. Style changes are viewable in Stacks Edit mode.

Generous spacing and break style options for switch controls, keeping them clearly separated from content containers.

Notable Features: Use Multiple AB Switches on the same page. Long text AB Switch titles nicely supported (shown in drum example).

Advanced Features. Create custom URLs to show "B" content as default. Adjustable mobile break point, making switch button and text smaller. Set "B" Content as the default, instead of "A" content. "Hover" or "Click" switching.


Switch Area Position (Left / Center / Right) Switch Area Top / Bottom / Spacing control Switch Area Break style and color control Switch Text Custom A / B Title Fields Switch Text Title Size control Switch Text Selected / Deselected color control Switch Button Edges (Round / Square) Switch Button Style (Gradient / Solid / Outline) Switch Button Background and Knob color control Mobile Break Point (switch becomes smaller) Optional "Hover" or "Click" to trigger switch Optional set "B" content as default shown Set Custom Hash URL to trigger "B" content

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Nick Cates Design

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