New In Version 1.1.0

  • New internal (code) organization
  • New option to hide tab/content in edit mode
  • New accordion items as child stacks instead of repeatable containers

The Accord Stack lets you put an accordion effect on any stacks page. When you click a title its corresponding content is shown (or hidden depending on the configuration). Many accordions use the jQuery UI framework, which isn't included here to save bandwidth. We just have written our own code to make the script as small and fast as possible.

We also wanted to give you full styling options, so we decided to build it with just empty slots for the tab title and content. This means you can use any stack type (image, text, columns, …) for the title and the content. Further it lets you fully design the components using the standard Stacks Layout options like margins, paddings, colors, borders, ...

Addon Details

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Rapid Ideas

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