Stylish Ads in Seconds

Now you don't need to be a Photoshop design ninja to fashion your own stylish ads. AdThing's simple layering and gradient options will help you create really professional adverts in the blink of a dead slow eye.

Magic is hard to describe — so watch the video to really appreciate AdThing's full potential and see some great examples in action.



2 years ago

Best £5.50 I've spent since my last trip Amsterdam.

Adthing - An extremely well thought out stack for a very common problem. Diving in and out of photoshop not only breaks your work flow, but sometimes it's just so much effort to create a simple banner. Adthing is the answer. Well designed and easy to use. I'm hooked. The support is second to none.

Rob Beattie

2 years ago

Who needs PhotoShop?

That's probably a longer argument for another day. Meantime, if you want to knock up a quick panel - for an advert or other kind of callout - with a nice transparent effect so you can overlay text on top, then AdThing could be yourthing. Makes creating the kind of effective visual panels that you see all over the web quick and easy, even for non-designers.