New In Version 4.0.0

  • Rebranded the stacks from Tsooj Media to Stacks4Stacks. New meta data, icons, stack names, update checking facilities and support links
  • We are now making use of some special API features introduced in Stacks 3.5 to enable faster previewing of pages that make use of AdvancedPublisher stacks
  • All the AdvancedPublisher stacks have received improvements to the editing interface and instructions. Instructions can now be toggled off in the base stack
  • AdvancedPublisher stacks no longer display surplus settings like Background, Border, Layout and Responsive. These are still all style options you can apply to the stacks you place inside AdvancedPublisher stacks Fixed some validation errors, caused by a mismatch of opening and closing HTML tags
  • Some stack settings have been regrouped and improved. Some new information tooltips added to certain settings
  • New warning displayed in edit mode, if you add any AdvancedPublisher stacks without first adding a 'base' stack

Perfect to use for special promotions, events or simply to alternate the content shown on a webpage. You can also hide and display blocks of content, based on URL query strings. AdvancedPublisher is easy to setup, safe, reliable and compatible with almost any other content stacks placed within.

AdvancedPublisher comprises of 5 different stacks; a base stack, days, weeks and time stacks and a secret stack for query strings. Each can be easily dragged and dropped into a webpage, with additional stacks nested within. Settings in the stacks side panel make it easy to configure your AdvancedPublisher stacks and clear instructions are displayed in edit mode to help you. An unlimited number of AdvancedPublisher time and secret stacks can be used on the same webpage.

The AdvancedPublisher stacks use PHP code to regulate what content is shown to the website visitor. This all works server-side; rather than client-side (as would be the case with Javascript). The clear benefit of this system is that the control of content happens before the webpage even begins to download. So you are not wastefully serving content the end user cannot see, and nor can the end user 'hack' the website to see the hidden content!

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.