Album is an incredible stack for creating condensed image album covers that expand into full-page galleries with light-box functionality~ Album is a neat stack for compressing long, slow photo galleries into beautiful looking albums that can load in the background and then be expanded later!

We specifically developed Album for people who want to display light-box photo galleries on their RapidWeaver site, but don’t want to have the gallery taking up so much space. Album is stunning, easy to setup, and most of all a super unique and useful way to display photos.

We’ve put many hours of hard work into creating the stack, making sure animations are smooth, and creating some killer examples for everyone to use! : ]

Some of the best features of Album include:

  • Condensed customizable album cover
  • Custom album title & description
  • Image count display
  • Full page image gallery
  • Customizable gallery grid for Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Import images via RapidWeaver or URLs for warehoused images
  • Built in Lightbox for individual items in gallery!
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Sleek animations
  • Collapsable edit mode

Addon Details

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