Actions speak louder than words. Bring your Stacks to life.

Animated is an easy stack to get your images, text and other stacks moving and interacting in RapidWeaver. Select your animation, length and delay and then see it wobble, pulsate or shake. Watch those dancing feet.

Animate anything

Code, images, text, other stacks. You name it. Drop it into the Animated stack, set the details and hit preview. It should start shaking. You can even get creative and make animations inside animations. Whoa.

Quick to setup

Simple is best and Animated is no different. Drag in the stack, add your things you want to animate to it and then just select the animation type (from 20 different animations), length and the delay for it to start after the pageload. Simplicity.

CSS only

Keeping Animated CSS only means it has a small footprint, is widely compatible with other Stacks and themes and looks smooth and robust on a variety of browsers, including mobile and iPads.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 79 addons.