New In Version 1.1.1

v1.1.1 (2/21/2018)

• Added Notice integration.

The Call to Action stack takes care of the most critical components of the CTA process. It integrates with the best modal stacks out there. It then launches them based on pre-defined triggers for page load, focus, and scroll position. This will allow you to prompt your visitors at key moments in order to capture their email or provide key information.

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



1 year ago

Working call to action for a week and no issues.

I did use the call to action stack with glider and had no issues worked well. but mostly I work with reveal light box and also it worked very well like I expexted. On the a site I just put up using foundation, I'm Using scroll line on the total cms blog post page and I love the way it looks and works. Thanks Joe it really add a great look and touch to my site.


1 year ago

Too much bother

I like a lot of Joe's stacks, but not this one. It's supposed to be really easy to configure - but it's not. Or else I'm too dumb. I was trying to get it to work with the TopBox stack, but it was an exercise in futility. No tutorials anywhere, other than the general Call To Action overview - which doesn't address TopBox at all - so I just finally gave up. Didn't get too much help from Joe, who seemed to think I should have been able to figure it out. "It's not that difficult," he assured me. But, alas, it is. Asked for a refund but I've apparently owned the stack for too long (even if I only just now got around to using it). There are a couple of much easier alternatives out there that won't drive you to drink. PopBox is one that works well and is very intuitive.

Developer reply from joeworkman

1 year ago

I am sorry that you were unable to get Top Box working with Call To Action. However, I think that you are being a bit harsh here in your review and posting our words out of context. You sent in a support request on a holiday. We responded the same day asking for more details. When you got back to us, we replied to you in less than a day with a sample project file that accomplishes exactly what you requested. You did not really give us a chance to help you out. You purchased CTA 5 months ago, this is why we offered you store credit for the same amount. I feel that is more than fair.