Beautiful auto 3D card slider.

Card Stack uses CSS to automatically build 3D cards of your images within RapidWeaver. No need to pre-edit in Photoshop. Shadows, animations, navigation controls and titles make this a great way to intro your products or screenshots to your website viewers with as little effort as possible.

Automatic tilting

No need to open Photoshop. The card tilting effect is created automatically in RapidWeaver. Add an image or two to the Stack and the hardware accelerated CSS will create 3D transforms and animations without you needing to lift a finger. Great for quick creation and works on all modern browsers that support CSS3 3D transforms.

Plenty of controls

Pagination and navigation can be turned on or off; select to use shadow and shadow animations and choose six directions to slide in and out to, including random. You can also set things like autoplay, pause on hover, the animation length and change the colours of the text, the background and even add a background image if you want a particular backdrop effect. Style away.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

This stack has been designed with tablets and mobiles also in mind and works great on any device. You can specify the height of the slider across 4 different viewports and the width is automatically full-width so it looks great when used with full-width enabled themes like in the demo.

Addon Details

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.



1 month ago

Desperately trying to re-purchase the CARD stack.

Desperately trying to re-purchase the CARD stack. Why does it appear available in the Rapid Weaver add on store but, not on the developers site?

patrick giovanni

1 year ago

Impossible to buy CARD.

I want to buy CARD, but I am automatically referred to a purchase of OAK BUNDLE. Why? I have already sent three messages on the site Yuzool. No answer!

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

1 year ago

Thanks Patrick and I replied each (three) times. Please check your SPAM folder.

First email was in French but I used Google Translate. I offered solution each time look:

Thanks and let us know!


2 years ago

Great Stack

I like this stack because it is easy to configure and it adds a level of sophistication that is unlike other stacks similar to this one. It is easy to make it match your chosen theme and/or color palette. Great Job Michael.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks @iKeithW and great to hear it :) Appreciate it and be great to see any projects you use it in!