New In Version 1.8.5

  • New option so can set fixed quantities so only 1 of each item can be sold

Extremely simple and quick PayPal Cart stacks.

Cart is a collection of easy to use stacks for a PayPal cart across your site whether you are selling simple products or items with options. Responsive and lean, Cart gives you a quick global cart without needing a monthly fee or any 3rd party services.

Simple or with options, you decide

Cart is a simple PayPal cart solution that quickly gives you a PayPal cart across your site. Add simple products or products with options like different sizes or colour. Each option can also have a different price so great when you have products when models vary in value. Add up to 10 options for each product and get your shop live today.

A cart on every page

Add the View Cart stack on any page you want a pop up of the current status of the cart for shoppers. Cart stack remembers the items placed in the cart from any page so it’s possible to have a one page store or a full blown e-commerce site. Up to you boyo.

Shipping + handling

Quickly add simple shipping and handling amounts to simple or variable products. Add a value to each product, publish and when the user proceeds to PayPal from the cart, all shipping costs are added up and sent to the final page for the complete total before payment. That will get you shipping.

NEW Calculate complex shipping

Easily add complex shipping variables based on total item weight without getting your head in a mess. Set the weight for each item in grammes and define the shipping base fee for the whole cart and the shipping fee per kg. Cart Stack cleverly does the rest. The shipping amount is added to the cart on pop up as well as itemised on the PayPal checkout page, and you can also localise the text of the shipping header and sub-text. Boom.

Sale Days

Easily add discounts to simple or variable products to give your customers price reductions and make the most of sale season. Add a discount value and publish. It will automatically show in the cart before checkout. Black Friday anyone?

Fully localizable

Along with your local currency, change the copy of not only the buttons but also the Cart itself. Customise the “Total:”, “Discount”, “Your cart is empty” and “Checkout with PayPal”. Serve your local markets more specifically or just tell your customers that they can “Checkout with a Credit Card”. Adapt Cart to suit your audience and increase conversion rates.

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Rob Beattie

2 years ago

Brilliantyl simple PayPal cart

Lightweight, responsive, brilliantly simply to set up, this is a great alternative to more complex carts and will suit anyone who just wants an elegant front end for Paypal. Recommended.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

This is very kind of you Rob and glad it has been so useful and easy to setup :)