New In Version 1.4.1

1.4.1 2017/11/09 - Minor settings updates.
1.4.0 2017/05/13 - Minor update to the Parsedown base code - no new Markdown features.
1.3.0 2016/05/26 - Workaround RW7 body tag bug causing Preview errors.
1.2.0 2015/12/08 - Add an option to enable include_once of PHP files.
1.1.1 2015/11/26 - Markdown support updated with Parsedown 1.6.0. Parameter grouping and more information for clarity.
1.1.0 2015/10/06 - Support Markdown in files now! Additional line numbering options added. Sort input lines regular/natural ascending/descending with/without case. Re-organization of options, and more feedback in Edit area.
1.0.3 2015/09/20 - Minor update of tags for organizing Stacks.
1.0.2 2015/02/13 - Add option to limit the number of lines dumped. Add option to look only within body of html files.
1.0.1 2015/01/27 - Added bold, italics, html prefix and suffix options. Filtering with a search string added. Option to add line breaks to the end of each line read. Improved info in Edit mode.
1.0.0 2015/01/12 - Initial release of Cat stack.

Cat: a simple way to include content in your page from a resource or remote file.

Place an instance of the Cat Stack in your page and reference a text or Markdown file in your resources, and the content of that file will appear in your web page when published. You can also point to a file using a URL if you want to include content from a remote source such as Dropbox. Any time you update the original file on your Mac and republish, or any time the remote file changes, the content of your web page updates as well - along with any other instances of the Stack referencing the same file! Now supports text, html, and Markdown files, plus Sorting of input lines, searching, etc.

This is a great way to update content globally throughout your site, or sync changes to files on another site.

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Bryn Owen Design

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